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Fun Run: Wednesday, July 9th @ St. Louis (Independence Day)

Preston Pérez

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Despite the fact of running late due to important issues today, the fun run went really quite well! I actually had more fun on here than I have had in a long time so I decided to host another. This time it will be on a Wednesday, so many of you may not have time to participate. I have had a lot of people show up however on Wednesdays and especially since it is summer time now with no school, let's see how it goes. Only thing I ask this time is that if you are using a custom or add-on... PLEASE post a link as soon as you sign-up. I have had people fail to do so causing the event to delay. We are going to be racing at the St. Louis track originally designed for the 4th of July. I wanted to do this today, but I had already made the thread for Arnhem before this was released. Finally, there will be no qualifying once again so if you sign up and show up you are automatically in! Hope to have a lot more of you guys this time and maybe some new faces! ;)


Track: St. Louis (Independence Day)




Track X:




Event Times:

Chat opens @ 3:30 PST, 5:30 CST, 6:30 EST

Event starts when everyone is ready to go!


Live Results:





01. Joshua Micks - Son-Uva Digger

02. Alan Echevarria - Paddy Wagon

03. Devin Doss - Grave Digger

04. Daniel Simon - The Patriot

05. Blake Thompson - Saigon Shaker

06. Aaron Lurie - El Toro Loco

07. Fernando Martinez - Spider-Man

08. Bob Jones - Captain America

09. Dalton Widner - Murdered Out

10. Jon Cannon - Pony Express

11. Magnus Birkelund - Iron Outlaw

12. Aaron Schultz - Pure Insanity

13. Seth Holloway - Identity Theft

14. Alex Steinhaus - Herbie

15. Max Adams - Lucas Oil Crusader

16. Driver - Bounty Hunter

17. David Trevino - Firestone Bigfoot #14

18. Edy Beltran - Thor

19. Chace Leahy - Monster Energy

20. Zach Nicholas - Efest Power Surge

21. Alex Lindgren - Thrasher

22. Yovany Rayos - Spike

23. Dominic Hocutt - Barbarian

24. Brandon Garcia - El Diablo

25. Daniel Donnelly - Crushin' Chaos

26. Malke Middleton - Waveyy

27. Jay Harper - Grave Digger The Legend

28. Julian Baumann - Monster Energy

29. Gavin Hill - Metal Mulisha

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Fernando Martinez




Metal Mulisha





I would like to CHANGE my truck choice to Spider-man 2014





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