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Hampton Fun Run - Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Antonio Rubal

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Hello everyone! I will be hosting my first ever fun run this Thursday. The first 12 people to sign up will automatically be locked into the event. Anyone else is welcome to sign up afterwards, but will only be a fill-in if needed. With that said, here is all of the information you will need to know for this event... 


Event Information:

There will be three events including Wheelies, Racing, and Freestyle.

Racing brackets will be based off of wheelies scores.

For freestyle you will be given 60 seconds to complete your run, and scores will be out of 30 points.

The track will be straight line racing. You will start at opposite sides of the arena.

Any truck is permitted to be used.


Event Times:

AIM chat opens at 6:00 P.M. EST

Event starts at 6:30 P.M. EST


AIM chat rules:

Do not invite anyone to the chat unless given permission from me.

Please do not post any inappropriate links.

Please do not spam.
Please be respectful when I ask for your attention by staying quiet and listening.

Not following these rules will result in you being kicked out of the event.




Please sign-up in this format...





Link:(If not stock v4 please include the link or your sign up will be ignored)


01. Preston Perez/Doom's Day

02. Blake Thompson/Grave Digger 30 2015

03. Marcus Santana/Smokey 2.0

04. Brandon Garcia/Grinder(Seasock)

05. Trevor Amos/Virginia Giant

06. Jack McCarthy/ Max-D 2014

07. Seth Holloway/Monster Energy

08. Devin Doss/El Toro Loco Yellow 2015

09. Dylan Bernier/Metal Mulisha
10. Will Meyer/Scooby Doo!

11. Jason Fontaine/Captain's Curse

12. Dalton Widner/Black Stallion


TRACK LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/njixx4h18f16q5f/HamptonColiseumFeb2014.zip

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