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Show Your Projects Chapter 39

Double.D ッ

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I realized the more I worked on this, the more I hated working on it, which is why what should have been a relatively easy truck to do took so long (2 months...) to complete. It put up a fight, but its ingame...




Once I figure out what the hell I'm doing, the 4-links just need to be positioned and it'll be up for download this weekend at the latest.

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Thoughts?? Just the start! Pretty good considering i just started making tracks again today :)090ba7e725.pngHere's an update before bed, god the nice double completed! Probably the best double I've ever made.300680a423.png

dude that is super badass iv had an idea for a backflip trailor with a long

table top leading up to the backflip side

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