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V4 ReplicaSUD (Public Beta)


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File Name: SUD (Public Beta)

File Submitter: RockCrwlr

File Submitted: 24 Mar 2015

File Category: V4 Replica

This should keep you guys satisfied for awhile. Also comes with the test version of Legend.

This version is setup on the old n/b I used before making a new one. It is by no means complete. All meshes besides Legend's body and SUD's chassis were modeled by me and all paints done by me.


  • Running out of memory, leading to a crash of RoR (Most likely the High Quality version)
  • Once in awhile you'll get a stiff rebound. This is caused by the limit strap node/beam. I cannot remove it without it messing up prop placements/settings

This is a standalone file. It does not need to be extracted. Simply put in vehicles folder.


Mirror 1 - HD

Mirror 2 - 1200

Mirror 3 - 2048


Nicholas Kozak - Chassis, help with SUD paint

Andrew Sheets - Legend Body

Me - Everything else

Box5 - node beam (highly modified by me)

Chadwick (DirtyDawg) - SUD reference photos

John Dough - SUD reference photos

Click here to download this file

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Very nice. I know its not all propped up but its surprisingly FPS friendly right now (Im running the 2400 one) but yeah have experienced the loss of memory shutting my PC down 2/3 times now from it so i may downgrade unless im still having the issue i had last week.

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I dont care. But they may not fit most trucks due to the mods that have been made.


If possible, will you ever release the axles/tierods/fourlinks for download that will work without having to add the breakable aspect?

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I dont care. But they may not fit most trucks due to the mods that have been made.

Ok cool. If I use any parts, i'll probably have to re-texture and re-export them, so I'll look into the scale and positioning then. I might have to see if the parts are compatible with .37 so people don't freak out and say that it's broken. Or they could just upgrade to .38 or .39.5 ...

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They work in .37 too but what really funny front tires go flying off as soon as you hit a hill.   But on plus side does not throw the camera off at all which is weird for .37.

The strength of the breakable areas can be made stronger (or weaker). I know I did it with the old breakable v4 trucks, but I forgot which numbers I changed. I'll look into it.

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