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  1. Bigfoot #1!
  2. He is not requesting a truck... Looking gud And btw ill be trying to clone breakables ecks dee, if that works this 2 and sum other diggers and maxds will be released in a pack yay "insert sexy face here" lmao
  3. a lot of them are my favourites so here are my top 5 (not in order lol) 5. Grave Digger in world finals 3 (2002) 4. Son Uva Digger in St Louis 2014 3. Grave Digger in Worcenter 2017 2. Max-D in orlando 2013 1. Max-D in Salinas 2015
  4. lol stealing my ideas m8, jk I was going to do a red chrome maxd and if i can clone the breakable, there will be a red chrome breakable maxd too for release lol
  5. Paint the rims and the driveshaft cage green. It may look better lol (just my opinion)
  6. Na, the bandana is in the hood Jk
  8. Isnt that pink bandana in the other horn? Lookin good so far ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. oh yeah this one
  10. You mean this one? Not the best quality because i took it from the HW digger video
  11. Anaheim 2016 fs1?
  12. Maybe the truck got damaged because that racing crash? if not idk what the crew chief or the team was thinking on not repairing that, it almost cost dennis life (trying to not exagerate lol)
  13. Good job rockie, the only problem is that long and straight thing that comes out of the spiked breakable face that gets longer when i stil going, bat thats just a detail, i love them so much! ecks dee