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  1. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    To me it seems like new ride trucks on a course with a probably more violent ride since it's an amusement part, going over obstacles like that had at the ride truck zone in the World Finals. The surrounding trucks are going to be prop trucks if I would have to guess like the display Spider man/Megaladon fire vertically standing on its nose. Regardless, seems like a cool concept that might draw people to Monster Jam that hadn't been interested or heard about it before.
  2. maxdman

    Show Your Projects Chapter 65

    Any suggestions on making the blue paint pop more? Using paint.net and the overlay function. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Both previous Rock Star's had extremely short wheel base's, probably shorter than this Rock Star
  4. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Still monster truck industry related, Dennis Anderson is coming back with a brand new King Sling mud bog truck. Also how crazy similar to Ryan's throttle rhythem is his brother Weston's
  5. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Same thing goes for any customer service oriented business, I get what you're saying. Sometimes people are rubbed the wrong way unintentionally. Just because it's part of the job doesn't mean that everyone in said job does it well, look at every business anywhere. People get in bad moods, some are better at hiding it than others. No one is intentionally rude and disrespectful to fans or whomever, sometimes it happens because they're humans just like the rest of us, nobody is perfect.
  6. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Everyone is a human and makes mistakes, gets annoyed, isn't in great moods or what ever it is. Being on such a strict schedule, meeting literally thousands of people every event day, you can't give 110% and be a saint to everyone, it's just not possible. Some make it seem that way on tv or in interviews, but personalities are also different. Some just have more energy and enthusiasm than others. I'm sure not all drivers love pit parties and autograph lines. Sucks to hear it and think about it since we all are fans and love the industry, but they have EXTREMELY long days and nights, both fly in drivers and especially those who own and work on their own stuff.
  7. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    This is what happens when they give out participation trophies. Everyone gets too soft.
  8. maxdman

    On purchasing a monster truck

    The foot trucks also run heavily cleated firestones which also changes the way the trucks handle in the corner. Chassis CG is a component but you also have to take into consideration wheelbase, tire combo/cleat, shock set up/ride height
  9. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    I'd rather not have cars at shows versus two cars in an arena and have debris come off into the crowd and severely injure or kill any number of people. That would be the end to a lot of promoters as we know them if something like that happened. Cars or not, now a days the entertainment value doesn't rely on crushed cars at all, so who cares if they aren't there anymore. The industry has evolved past crushing cars as a spectacle, grow and move along with it or get out. All major sports and entertainment make changes away from their roots, just the nature of running a business.
  10. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    This has to be one of the first times that all 3 stadium series have Saturday-Sundays shows. Looked like LONG hours last night to get trucks prepped for the early shows today, especially Indianapolis.
  11. maxdman

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Expect a trailer for the new THQ/Rainbow Studios game to come out later this month.
  12. maxdman

    On purchasing a monster truck

    You're correct. I believe the most recent Cohens that have rolled out are Hurricane Force, Krazy Train, and Full Boar 2.0. I believe both Team Over Bored trucks (not Wild Side obviously) are Cohen as well, no? From what I recall, Cohen chassis have a vertical (perpendicular to the ground) piece of tubing support just behind the rear shock towers. Cohen chassis have the same rear shock tower supports at an angle behind the rear shock mounts.
  13. maxdman

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Smells like RII trouble and getting stuck on a box van
  14. maxdman

    My thoughts on the monster truck industry

    From other business ventures though, Koehler often times operates in the negatives because of how hard and big that entire team runs. A lot of independents have other forms of income from their other businesses and have their teams as a hobby. Yes some independents can fund themselves but its a 24/7 365 operation with very little off and down time. Drivers and team owners say they do it because they love it, and that' the truth because if they did it for the money, it would't last long at all. I'm not directing this at you because I'm sure you probably know, but just stating info
  15. maxdman

    My thoughts on the monster truck industry

    There's a few reasons. Money, $, money, money $ $ money $$$$$$. Independents often times don't break even after weekends, and if that goes on for months that puts a massive hurt on the operating costs. There's just not enough money involved in the industry to make it where winning means something, where drivers will push their equipment to the edge every single weekend. It's not like NASCAR, NHRA, or other top forms of motorsport that have big corporations backing teams and shoveling money to be the best operation on the track. Monster trucks just simply aren't like that.... yet. Big businesses and brands have been pulling out of motorsports, mainly due to the extreme costs its required to run teams (if anyone follows NASCAR look at Furniture Row Racing, or Ganassi not fielding Xfinity cars this year), if there's no business giving the teams money the operating costs are too high. But that being said, Monster Jam is pulling in contracts with corporations at a time when other major motorsports are losing them, which is an upside. Downside is that it goes to the company and not the teams or drivers (due to FELD owning over half the field which is whatever). And I don't have actual figures but I'm sure the BKT and Great Clips deal aren't anywhere close to what NASCAR sponsorship contracts are. But if saying the word "BKT Tire" and "Great Clips Mohawk Warrior" gets the job done and keeps the industry alive, then say it every run. If you argue that you don't want to hear it, then don't watch motorsports because that's everywhere, Goodyear tire, driver of the number 48 Lowes Chevy. It pays the bills so it gets done. But bottom line, independents don't have the financial backing to bash their equipment every show, because it just simply isn't worth it. If everyone was paid show pay (as discussed before) and on top of that based on points or where the driver finished in the event, then I'm sure it would be a different conversation because operating costs would be covered, and everything else can either go in their pocket, or back into the equipment.