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  1. Immersion is key and unnecessary details are my forte @stinger
  2. can you make Monster Showdown Monterrey Mexico 2011?

  3. maxdman

    Hagerstown 2007

    Version 1.0.0


    Combined the 2007-ish and 2008-ish Hagerstown tracks. The track model and grandstands have actually been completed since 2014, I just never did anything with it. Credits: Me Klayton HotShoe Mark C. If I forgot anyone else let me know and I'll add you. This track should work with both .3 and .4. If you come across any issues let me know in the comments below or PM me and I probably won't fix it. Enjoy!
  4. 2007/2008, Kind of combines the two years I know I'm late on my annual Gaithersburg track lol. I have some free time in the next two weeks with some sights set on a few to complete, that is one of them.
  5. Show Your *Finished* Projects Chapter 65
  6. I've always wanted to stream or make episodes of how I make a track start to finish to give the community another tutorial and hopefully inspire others. Time and hardware limitations always prevented me. I've recently switches systems so I've been wanting to go back to my old computer with literally everything RoR related and clean it out to make it more possible to screen record while in Blender/stream content creation. I do agree that there has been a significant decrease of content put out and overall activity on the site. Could blame other social media to get information on the industry, or just a large portion of the fan base growing older and moving on/not having time to create and post. I 100% fall into that group, but still enjoy creating and pumping things out, I just simply don't have the time like I used to.
  7. In your second level of crowd textures take every other row, or random rows and move the unwrap left or right on the .png of the crowd. That way it doesn't look like there are 10 people wearing a black shirt in the same seat in each row, 20 people wearing a blue shirt in the same seat in each row, etc. Also consider using darker crowd textures as the levels go up. In St. Louis 2019 and Mancheter 2019 I used three different crowd textures so that it appeared that the crowd got darker as less light was getting to the upper sections. Also for your turn tires, consider using the multiply layer feature to still allow some of the tread texture to show through so it doesn't look like a solid color. Just my two cents. Super detailed track otherwise, great job.
  8. I hope those are empty seats inside of the safety holds because I'm launching directly into the first 10 rows of seats.
  9. When I try to message you this happens: 

    • maxdman cannot receive messages.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    West Lebanon 2003 from the DVD "Monster Jam Summer Heat" Straightaways are short, but you get the idea. Credits: Me Klayton HotShoe Mark C. If I forgot anyone let me know and I'll add you to the credits. This track is .3 and .4 compatible. If you have issues with it let me know in the comments below or PM me. Enjoy!
  11. Straightaways are too short, but I'm not changing the entire model to fit a few freestyle crush cars. Pending approval in the downloads.
  12. Oh God majority of people are too young to have watched or owned this.
  13. Yes I'm a dinosaur and still use 0.37.1... Yes I know, it's bad. Looking to finally upgrade but can't seem to find a link to 0.4.6 or a current 0.4 stable version that we all know works with our terrains. Please shove me in the right direction so I can get out of the past
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