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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Manchester, UK 2019. Years ago I made a hybrid concrete track with all crushed cars (Izod Center), so now I wanted to do something similar but different and make the first Monster Jam event on concrete with no cars. Also to make the track actually worth taking my time on I added in a dirt hybrid version(s). Five tracks in total. (Replica) 2019 Show 1 (Replica) 2019 Show 2 (Custom) 2019 Arena Head to Head Racing (Custom) 2019 Arena Time Trial (Custom) 2019 Arena Two Wheel Skills/Freestyle Credits: Me and Klayton. If I missed you let me know and I'll add you to the credits. Should work for .3 and .4 versions. If you have problems with it PM me or comment down below and I'll do my best to address it. Enjoy!
  2. Update. To make it more pointless I made the second show. Oh and if the event had dirt I made that too. Included head to head racing and time trial track options because why not. Pending approval.
  3. What if I gave you 5 tracks in the download
  4. Hey Maxdman I need your permission for something I am a map maker in BeamNG. drive and I was wondering if I can convert your Metlife stadium 2017 without the track I think someone else did this with your Foxborough 2017 stadium and where can i get just the stadium?

  5. I remember that avi! I'm not collecting but still have majority of the custom 1:64th scales I made back in the day. I aught to do something with those before they get throw out. My hobby transitioned from custom 1:64 trucks and tracks to making things in blender on here. Saves me a ton of physical space but not so much on my computer lol
  6. I remember seeing your name on the old MTC forms! I'm another from there under the same name and same avatar (Thanks MadRat for the avi like 10 years ago!) Welcome to the site!
  7. Agree it looks better, but I think it could still be scaled down for less seats/people per section but maybe that's my preference as a modeler, you do you fam. Also not sure if it'll look good in an outdoor stadium, but in my St. Louis 2019 I used a darker texture for the crowd higher up as less light gets to the upper section than the lower due to the lights being centered on the playing field. Perhaps use those so it looks like the sections get darker the higher level up they are - but again this might look bad in an outdoor stadium, just a thought. Also if you need help with a model or texture shoot me a DM, I'll see what I can do to help out if you need it/want it.
  8. Feel like your crowd texture is sized too small as in there are too many people per row, and each face of the crowd "row" is too short. It just looks like there are a TON of people in each section
  9. Want everyone's feedback on this because I'm not sure how I feel. Safety hold on, or safety hold off the first two rows of seats? Thanks Aaron for inspiring me. Tarps on? Or Tarps off FERDA? Actually let me know though because Idk which I think looks better.
  10. The same and more can be said about Scooby. Backflip, decent air and a cartwheel save thing. There wasn't one over the top clear cut winner in my opinion, but I think Scooby didn't deserve the win. Top 4 or 5 yes, a win, no from me.
  11. World Finals 20 freestyle track. The event already happened in the time zone I'm in.
  12. maxdman

    St. Louis 2019

    Version 1.0.0


    St. Louis 2019. 3 versions, Racing, Two-Wheel Skills, Freestyle. Credits: Me Klayton HotShoe Mark C. Diggerfan If forgot someone let me know. Should be compatible with .37 and .4 If there are issues or you experience a problem with it let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!
  13. Happy World Finals Freestyle Day
  14. I get some of the complaints, but people have to remember what they're buying tickets for. I don't buy arena football tickets expecting to see an NFL quality game or long bomb passes down field because the venue doesn't support that. Obviously an arena is much smaller than a football or soccer stadium (yes I know that's advertised on the promo videos) so I mean people gotta use a little common sense here. That being said, from the videos I saw, it didn't look close to being up to par with current day arena shows. But you can't blame FELD as I'm sure they were told to not bring dirt in, and not using cars for a safety concern (don't nice lady at safety. An accident with debris into the crowd could drastically ruin this for all of us) really puts them in a box with what they can do. I think they made the most of what they could. I'm sure a year from now different approaches to concrete shows with no cars will improve along with the quality of the shows.
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