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V5 Monster Trucks

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    Since 2010, Sim-Monsters.com has been working towards creating the best monster trucks for Rigs of Rods. The community has seen 4 major versions of our trucks, with the last version released in 2012. 10 years later and our community has taken V4 and pushed it to its limits, making some of the best looking content available. However, it is time to take a big step forward, it is time for V5.
    Development of V5 has started at the beginning of 2021 and has seen that time spent modeling, texturing, tuning, and testing to create the latest and greatest in monster truck simulation for Rigs of Rods.
    The first issue we wanted to correct was making V5 accurately scaled, all previous versions have used models that overscale the truck by about 1.1x and were not proportionally accurate.  Our models were made as close to 1:1 as possible to real life and allow the underlying node/beam and settings to behave better as well. We used 3D scans from an iPhone as well as physically measured assembled trucks and body parts to ensure the trucks stance and measurements are as accurate as possible.
    Shown is a V4 CRD truck side-by-side with a V5 CRD truck:
    Our texture work has seen great improvements from the use of Substance Painter which allows us to import our 3D models and apply advanced texturing methods, offering a far greater level of detail than we have been able to create previously.  Now textures can have detailed scratches, wear, and materials applied to them in Substance Painter that are specific to the type of metal, plastic or other material we want to make.
    Over the past two years, most of our time has been spent testing, tuning, and adjusting the node/beam settings so these trucks behave as close as possible to their real life counterparts.
    The work does not end with this first release however, now it is your turn to drive and test these trucks and help us improve them further.
    Going forward we plan to continue improving these trucks as needed, as well as making more trucks for the CRD and moving on to making other chassis.
    General Credits:
    CRD Node/Beam and Settings: Aaron Lurie/Danny Mackey CRD Chassis: Aaron Lurie/Nick Kozak (Model) | Edy Beltran/Aaron Lurie (Texture) CRD Chassis Props: Aaron_Lurie/Andrew_Sheets/Johan_Seminario/Edy_Beltran/Fernando_Martinez/Matt_Wilkinson (Model) | Aaron_Lurie/Edy_Beltran (Textures) CRD Fourlinks: Andrew Sheets (Models) | Aaron Lurie (Textures) CRD Swaybars: Aaron Lurie/Edy Beltran (Models/Textures) CRD Driveshaft: Johan Seminario (Models) | Aaron Lurie/Brian Langford (Textures) PEI Axle: Andrew Sheets/Johan Seminario (Models) | Brian Langford (Textures) PEI Axle Brake Calipers: Andrew Sheets (Models) | Aaron Lurie (Textures) PEI Axle Brake Rotor/Cage/Pads: Johan Seminario (Models) | Brian Langford (Textures) PEI Shocks: Aaron Lurie (Models/Textures) Rims/Planetaries: Johan Seminario (Models) | Aaron Lurie (Textures) BKT Tire: Andrew Sheets (Model) | Edy Beltran/Andrew Sheets (Texture) Lights/Flares: Aaron Lurie/Terron Fuller/Danny Mackey Body Mounts: Danny Mackey/Aaron Lurie (Models) | Aaron Lurie (Textures) Driver Model: Monster Jam Steel Titans (Model/Texture) Truck Credits:
    Bakugan Dragonoid: Johan Seminario/Edy Beltran (Model) | Johan Seminario (Texture) Blue Thunder: Andrew Sheets (Model) | Johan Seminario (Texture) Earth Shaker: Andrew Sheets/Fernando Martinez (Model) | Edy Beltran/Mason Paul (Texture) El Toro Loco: Jake Urnes (Model) | Johan Seminario (Texture) Grave Digger: Terron Fuller/Andrew Sheets (Model) | Johan Seminario (Texture) Lucas Stabilizer: Aaron Lurie (Model) | Devin Doss (Texture) Megalodon: Andrew Sheets (Model) | Edy Beltran/Aaron Lurie (Texture) Megalodon Nitro Neon: Edy Beltran (Texture) Mohawk Warrior: Andrew Sheets (Model) | Edy Beltran (Texture) | Edy Beltran (Mohawk) Monster Energy (Escalade): Andrew Sheets (Model) | Mason Paul (Texture) Monster Energy (F150): Andrew Sheets (Model) | Mason Paul/Johan Seminario (Texture) Monster Jam Stunt Truck: Andrew Sheets (Model) | Fernando Martinez (Texture) Monster Mutt: Edy Beltran/Terron Fuller (Model) | Edy Beltran/Johan Seminario (Texture) | Johan Seminario/Aaron Lurie (Tongue/Tails/Ears) | Jackson Meszaros (Ears Node/Beam) Rod Ryan 2022: Tyler Richmond (Texture) Scooby-Doo: Terron Fuller (Model) | Edy Beltran/Aaron Lurie (Texture) Sim-Monsters: Terron Fuller (Model) | Edy Beltran (Texture) Soldier Fortune: Edy Beltran (Model/Texture) Soldier Fortune Black Ops: Edy Beltran (Model/Texture) Thank you to all our V5 Contributors and Testers:
    @AaronLurie @acdcfan56 Johan Seminario @Andrew Andrew Sheets @Block Blake Thompson @Chazzymp Mason Paul @Chris B Chris Bialek @CMDeerfoot Chadwick Deerfoot @DannyMackey @Double.D ッ Devin Doss @Edy Edy Beltran @fernBurn Fernando Martinez @Hydroツ Ananias Purkett @Jack Merkle @John Dough Jake Urnes @JonnyZimmer @liquidfire215 Brian Langford @LordFrosting Matthew Tyrrell @Mark Colineri @Outlawed Nick Kozak @rockgod88 Blaise Zantinge @Steele Zach Steele @Terron Terron Fuller @tjizzle Tyler Richmond @Wambo Andrew Wamsley @Zach Nicholas @zero_mass Jackson Meszaros @ZonR Will Meyer For best quality, be sure to enable `Realtime Reflections` in your graphics settings:

    How to Install Rigs of Rods:
    How to Install SM V5 CRD:
    Open Windows Explorer Go to `My Documents` > `My Games` > `Rigs of Rods` > `mods` Place the downloaded zip in the `mods` folder.  
    If you are suffering from low FPS, consider doing the following:
    Run Rigs of Rods in fullscreen, not windowed Run Rigs of Rods in a smaller resolution Lower your graphics settings. Lower shadow quality Turn shadows off If "Texture filtering" is set to Anisotropic. lower the Anisotropy levels Reduce "Texture filtering" to Trillinear, Bilinear, or None Lower FSAA in the Render System tab Reduce/turn off Realtime reflections Make your textures smaller Copy large textures out of the zip Resize them to be smaller Copy them back into your zip Disable flexbodies on tires (tires will not flex or appear broken) Copy the .truck file(s) out of the zip and paste them somewhere else (your Desktop, Documents, ect.) Edit the .truck file(s) with Notepad (or any other text editor) Find the line for "flexbodies" Move each line that ends with "BKT2021.mesh" above the line that says "flexbodies" Delete the lines beginning with "forset" that were below each line ending in "BKT2021.mesh" Save and copy the .truck(s) back into the zip Before: After: We will be looking into making an FPS version of the trucks in a future update.
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