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  1. Double.D ッ

    Return from Hiatus/Most Common Version of RoR?

    That is correct. I'm not exactly sure the reason why, I've never tried .4.7 but it may have some stability issues if I had to guess. Welcome back to the site! Can't wait to see your future projects, loved your past stuff.
  2. Double.D ッ

    The Monster Truck Logo Thread

    You uh...you alright, champ?
  3. Double.D ッ

    Wildstyle & High Octane (.4 Standalone)

    Version 1.0.0


    So to help get some more open customs available for NAMT, and also for the sake of conversion, @DannyMackey converted my Wildstyle & High Octane to be completely standalone for .4. He also went ahead and added a NAMT version for each truck that is ready to go if you wished to run any of them (beware the trucks are taller and slower). Here's the original descriptions for each file: I started this a while ago. Just finished it. Uh...here it is, I guess. Myself- Paint, export, etc. Kozak- Chassis, shocks John Dough- Original NEA chassis mesh Klayton- Tires, body Johan- Rims If I forgot you, sorry. Contact me and I will fix that. You do not need permission from me to run this truck. Feel free to run in any league or event that allows customs! Just like Wildstyle, this is another open custom. Credits: Myself- Paint, putting it together, etc. John Dough- Body, original NEA CRD chassis mesh. Kozak- Chassis, shocks Klayton- Tires Johan- Rims Various v4 people- other stuff YOU DO NOT NEED MY PERMISSION TO RUN THIS TRUCK. FEEL FREE TO RUN IT IN ANY LEAGUE OR EVENT THAT ALLOWS CUSTOMS!
  4. Double.D ッ

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Ice Dragon is legit the best though.
  5. Double.D ッ

    Motorsports Pack #1 (.4 Standalone)

    Version 1.0.3


    So to help get some more open customs available for NAMT, and also for the sake of conversion, I had @DannyMackey convert my Motorsports Pack from 3 years ago. Here is my original description:
  6. Double.D ッ

    Monster Truck Throwdown Tracks

    If you are having trouble finding files on the site, there is a very helpful tool in the top right corner for all of your searching needs: If you are requesting tracks be made, please use the correct forum using the correct format: http://sim-monsters.com/forum/25-track-request/
  7. Double.D ッ

    NAMT 2018 Team Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    Team Name: DA MOVE Motorsports Team Headquarters: Intercourse, Pennsylvania Discord (Team Captain): @Devin Doss ッ#1356 Driver 1 (Captain): Devin Doss Truck 1: Deja Vu Driver 2: Joshua Micks Truck 2: The Big Smash Driver 3: Aaron Lurie Truck 3: Monster Energy Pro 4 Driver 4: Chris Hamilton 😢 Jack Merkle Truck 4: Over Rev'd Anarchy Driver 5: Zach Nicholas Truck 5: Vertigo Driver 6: Julio Vellon Jr. Truck 6: Empire
  8. Double.D ッ

    iRacing Screenies

  9. Double.D ッ

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    This is the pinnacle of Sim-Monsters. It can only go downhill from here.
  10. Double.D ッ

    digger of graves make it somebody please

    Please make truck requests in the correct forum using the correct format. http://sim-monsters.com/forum/5-truck-request/
  11. Double.D ッ

    American Truck SImulator

    Oh cool, this place isn't completely dead yet.
  12. Double.D ッ

    Excaliber 2018 (Custom)

  13. Double.D ッ

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Looks incredible! Awesome job.
  14. Double.D ッ

    Monster Energy Pro 4 2018

    cool paint
  15. Double.D ッ

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    Driver: Devin Doss Truck: Deja Vu Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia Download Link: Truck Song: Primal Fear - Hounds of Justice