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  1. Sunday 4/1/18 New Orleans 2018 April Fools Bash

    Name: John Truck: Black El Toro Loco Discord name: Cifpoworldfinalssonuvadigger1337#1604
  2. Its super bowl season.

  3. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Daredevil El Diablo? House of Cards High Roller? Trailer Park Boys High Roller? Arrested Development Donkey Kong? There's always money in the banana stand Bojack Horseman Pony Express? A Series of Unfortunate Events Madusa?
  4. WF XVIII Prediction Thread

    You missed it but in the blurb I wrote at the beginning I said I was only including people who have previously competed on the Vegas track in some way
  5. WF XVIII Prediction Thread

    Bruh I said not all of them would make it in
  6. WF XVIII Prediction Thread

    It's been about a month since the NFL season ended, and after reading a bazillion different articles ranking teams or players, I figured I'd try to make my own rankings based on my opinion of who has a shot to win this year. The drivers listed below are either expected or potential competitors in this year's World Finals, and not all of them will be in the field of 32. The list only includes drivers who have competed on the track in at least one form and it is based on a combination of both racing and freestyle skills (sort of a composite score of both). The Elite: 1. Todd LeDuc | Monster Energy 2. Adam Anderson | Grave Digger 3. Ryan Anderson | Son Uva Digger These guys aren't just top contenders, they're favorites to walk out of Sam Boyd with both trophies in their hands. To put things into perspective, the last year that one of these guys didn't win a world championship, Tom was still running the classic spikeless Max D body. The Very Good: 4. Linsey Weenk | Lucas Oil Crusader 5. Coty Saucier | Monster Energy 6. Tom Meents | Max-D 7. Morgan Kane | Grave Digger 8. Neil Elliott | Max-D 9. Marc McDonald | El Toro Loco Whether or not they've actually won it, these guys have a presence every year and are a considerable threat to take the win. Some of them are more recently developed, while some have been at this level for a long time. Just Missed the Top: 10. Lee O'Donnell | VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist While Lee has been performing very well on recent tours, his Vegas presence hasn't been as high in the past couple of years. So while he's still above the rest of the field, it's not entirely certain if he'll be a top contender or not. The Contenders: 11. Charlie Pauken | Grave Digger / Monster Mutt 12. BJ Johnson | Gas Monkey Garage 13. Colton Eichelberger | Max-D 14. Cole Venard | Grave Digger 15. Jimmy Creten | Bounty Hunter 16. Pablo Huffaker | Grave Digger / Ride not known at this time 17. Chad Fortune | Soldier Fortune 18. Colt Stephens | FS1 Cleatus 19. Mike Vaters II | Overkill Evolution On average, these guys have finished middle to upper middle of the pack with a few exceptions. Most of them (Vaters II is an exception, he's at #19 because this is a combination of racing AND freestyle) aren't the first picks to win, but they're not too far from it. The Hopefuls: 20. Bari Musawwir | Zombie 21. Brianna Mahon | Scooby-Doo / Madusa 22. Candice Jolly | Monster Mutt Dalmatian 23. Jon Zimmer | Dragon 24. Becky McDonough | El Toro Loco 25. Tyler Menninga | Grave Digger While “surprise” isn't the best term to use when describing the potential these drivers have of winning, lack of recent Vegas production or lack of Vegas experience puts them below others. Despite this, they still have a chance at grabbing the win in March, and sometimes a chance is all you need... The One-Sided Contenders: 26. Scott Buetow | Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 27. Cam McQueen | Northern Nightmare 28. Jim Koehler | Avenger 29. Steve Sims | Stone Crusher 30. Devin Jones | Barbarian I'll iterate one more time, this list is based on a combination of presence in both racing and freestyle, and these guys are freestylers. While a freestyle run is only two minutes, that's still probably way longer time than any of these guys will spend on the track on Friday, not counting intros or if one of them flips over. Too Many Question Marks: 31. Dennis Anderson | Grave Digger 32. Jared Eichelberger | Max-D 33. Bailey Shea | Scooby-Doo 34. Cynthia Gauthier | Monster Mutt Dalmatian 35. Buddy Thompkins | Razin Kane 36. Travis Groth | NEA 37. Kayla Blood | El Toro Loco 38. Tyler Groth | Zombie 39. Eric Swanson | Obsessed 40. Rosalee Ramer | Wild Flower 41. Ryan Disharoon | Saigon Shaker 42. Steven Thompson | Hurricane Force Obviously the big story here is none other than the Icon himself. It's not certain if Dennis will even drive again at all nonetheless if he'll be back in time for Vegas. Either way, I'm sure we'll see him there in one way or another with it being Digger’s 35th anniversary. The rest of the drivers listed here haven't seen much action on the field other than the Double Down competition. While it's possible that one of them will win. Their presence as a freestyler next to their racing ability on the Vegas track is not known at this time. However, in my opinion this is where Morgan Kane was just four years ago, and considering where he is on this list now, we could see some of these guys and girls move upwards in the coming years. So there you have it, that's (in my opinion) a list of the drivers based on their capability to win the World Finals this year. Let me know what you think of it!
  7. FUN RUN TODAY 2/18 Anaheim 2014 Show 2

    John Dough Discord: JohnDough
  8. "Everything That Doesn't Belong In The SYP Thread" Thread

    I literally did not see this until just now, tbh John is a biatch
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    Hey RoR? Not necessarily for RoR but for whatever I decide to make it for I guess (BeamNG?) Stadiums are honestly kind of fun to make, I might do more if I have free time. This one is almost done but I have some more windows to fill in, some shaping, the store that's in the front, and of course the lettering. Open the gates:
  10. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    I thought it was pretty good, the drivers didn't really hold back too much, they did a lot more than I expected
  11. MROR Week 2: Tampa. FL (Sign Ups Open at 10 PM EST)

    John Dough Percythepiggy@hotmail.com Stone Crusher
  12. Monsters of ROR Sign Ups OPEN NOW!

    John Dough Percythepiggy@hotmail.com Stone Crusher
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    How about an update? First off I wanna say Blaise did a great job on his Gas Monkey Garage, but I still wanted to finish up mine, and I think the body and paint stuff is done And of course there is one more thing I must do to channel my true inner Sim-Monster, to quote one of the site's legends: clicky for an adventure
  14. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    As much as I don't want to stir a conversation that's most likely been worn out a million times, what I consider to be a save is when the truck is brought back under clear control of the driver So something like Tom's save in Salinas would be considered a save, while something like this, even though the body stayed off the ground, would be a lucky bounce Is there not an official definition? Because there should be one
  15. Who Drives Doom's Day?

    Sharaq Montoya