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  1. dodgem03

    Assassin Monster Truck v1.1

    Great Truck! Love everything about it...handles awesome. Looking forward to more trucks from you
  2. dodgem03

    Anaheim 2014 2nd Show (0.4+ Compatible)

    Works great!
  3. dodgem03

    Houston 2014 Show 2 (0.4+ Compatiable)

    Great Track everything worked good for me on it
  4. dodgem03

    39.5 Version....where can i find the download?

    thanks! Downloading it now!
  5. Have seen it on youtube and cant seem to find the download for it anywhere......any help is greatly appreciated as i have downloaded RockCrwlr's SUD Public Beta Pack and would love to play it in 39.5.
  6. dodgem03

    World Finals 16

    Awesome track! Very impressed with the quality and detail!
  7. Was wondering if someone could build this truck for me. It is my personal truck and it would be awesome to drive it in ROR! - Dodge body either single cab or crew is fine with me. -Paint (just as close to the picture as possible) -And as far as everything else, i really like the way GD Legend is setup and High Octane truck is setup! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. dodgem03

    Update screen stays white?

    So i am new to the forum part of this game.......been playing for probably a year or so. But i have version .37 , should i update to a newer version or stay with what i got? And where do i find the download for .38?? Thanks!
  9. dodgem03