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  1. I have wanted to be a monster truck driver since I was a kid. I grew up loving monster trucks and watching the shows on TV. I would love to be a driver for the Bigfoot team because Bigfoot has always been one of my favorite trucks and without Bob Chandler monster trucks may have never really been a big thing. I would also be willing to drive for almost any team as long as they had a good truck and weren't a bunch of a**holes. I'd obviously love to have my own truck of my own design if possible. But just having the opportunity to drive a monster truck at all would be cool.
  2. Danger Zone 2.0

    Are the sway bars supposed to be on backwards? And how did you get the driveshafts to actually spin?
  3. STS Los Angeles 2016

    On the freestyle track, the rounded camper between the two blue cars makes the game lag hard for me.
  4. Spiderman 2016

    Tried it out on the newly released Graveyard track from MTM2, and the truck seems to handle really well. It looks cool. The only problem I can see is that it looks like it might sit too high, and it might be prone to rolling over. I need to test it more to find out. Still a good truck though.
  5. Bloomsburg 1993 (0.4+)

    It's not working for me, either.
  6. Bearfoot 1997

    Maybe I'm just missing a few pieces, but it seems to be missing a couple textures for me. First, the knuckles on the passenger side wheels appear as white while the driver side knuckles seem to be either chrome or silver. There's also a bar at the front and back of the truck that the beams of the sway bars connect to. It appears as grey in your picture, but it's pure white for me. Also, the tarp on the back of the truck has this weird shiny effect to it. It's really shiny to the point where I can hardly ever see the design on it. It's like really reflective. I'm having this problem in the .4 version of the game if that makes any difference.
  7. Myrtle Beach Speedway - 1990

    Will it work with .4? And if not, could you convert it?
  8. RoR-MM World Finals 1

    Any chance you could convert this for .4? I'd love to race this track in the new version of the game.
  9. (.4 Compatible) MS Metroplex 2015

    Any chance you could also convert the other version of the Metroplex track? The older version.
  10. The Wall

    Yeah, I realized the mistake right after I posted it.
  11. The Wall

    To .4 or .38?
  12. WRA World Finals 1

    The billboard appears as blank white for me. I'm guessing this isn't a completely finished track?
  13. Has anyone attempted to re-create the tracks from the Monster Truck Destruction game? And if not, is there anyone that would be willing to take a shot at it? I don't know if you'd be able to just rip the terrain files out of the PC version of the game and convert them to the proper file type for Rigs of Rods, hopefully to be compatible with the .4 version of RoR. But a lot of those tracks look like they would be really fun to race on in RoR, especially in one of those series that you guys run.
  14. V4 CustomTuff Luck

    The download link doesn't work anymore. It says it might have been deleted or moved.
  15. V4 CustomPhantasm Ravager

    I don't know if you've thought of this yet, but with that body style you could make a monster truck version of the Echo-1 from Ghostbusters. I'm pretty sure that was the same style hearse they used for it in the movies.