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  1. about the fps issues, if your having them then you must be on a pos pc. My laptop runs this game on full settings and I get great FPS. IMO we shouldn't limit what we can do just because some people can't upgrade their setup... But ya the content on this site is great, if anyone has a problem with it then they can make their own truck pack..... I mean name one other pack that is as close to the SM trucks....
  2. I really hope they have someone airbrush in some details...
  3. what type of asus? my old lady has one and it runs great, asus makes nice computers.
  4. I think that when Dennis retires from Monster Jam he will try to get a series or something going for more mud events.
  5. Now when I see that I think someone has died, lol @ monster jam
  6. If badass is a junk bike that is truly non american made and uses ancient technology... I guess thats badass..
  7. both riding supermoto's check it out!
  8. Iron Outlaw is looking awesome! Can't wait for this one!!!
  9. please make the surface like the 2013 one that was released on here.
  10. Hagan sorry for the loss man...
  11. "Look who is back! Brad will be at the wheel of Brutus this weekend in Montreal, on his Mega-Bite chassis!" --- From Team Scream Facebook page.
  12. Did FELD even do anything about it? I don't remember reading anything about it.
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