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  1. ThePatrickFrick32

    Grave Digger Red Pickup Monster Truck 2017 (Custom)

    Absolutely awesome work!!
  2. ThePatrickFrick32

    Anyone going to MetLife Stadium this year?

  3. ThePatrickFrick32

    Grave Digger XXXII (32) 2016

    Excellent work!!!!!
  4. ThePatrickFrick32

    Grave Digger XXX (30) 2016

    Phenomenal Truck!!
  5. ThePatrickFrick32

    Grinder BKT's

    Thanks man, I appreciate this very much. Awesome job!
  6. ThePatrickFrick32

    Bounty Hunter BKT's

    I tried it.... I got an eror that said Missing Grave Digger black rim mesh... I give up...
  7. ThePatrickFrick32

    Bounty Hunter BKT's

    Thank you very much sir. I'll try it myself to see if I can do it on my own. And if I can't I will ask you. Thanks again man!
  8. ThePatrickFrick32

    Bounty Hunter BKT's

    Hey man, awesome work!! I'm stuck on making the bkts visible, like I was trying to give grinder some bkts and they didn't show up..... what did I miss lol.
  9. ThePatrickFrick32

    Grave Digger 27

    No problem, it works just the sway bars are white..
  10. ThePatrickFrick32

    Grave Digger 27

  11. ThePatrickFrick32

    Grave Digger 27

    Pardon me... but how to I fix the white sway bars... I added the missing parts lol.
  12. ThePatrickFrick32

    How to spawn trucks

    Thank you so much! What is your aim? Mine is Patrick Frick. My profile pic is Tom Meents and I, just so you know.
  13. ThePatrickFrick32

    How To add BKT tires

    Im using .37.126
  14. ThePatrickFrick32

    How to spawn trucks

    Just a quick question, is there any way I can spawn trucks without the garage? I like to have events with all my trucks in the stadium so that is why....
  15. ThePatrickFrick32

    How To add BKT tires

    I apologize if I may be a bother, but I watched your video , did every step.... the tires will NOT SHOW it is just the rims that are showing??. Is there anything else I must do, because I did every step. Do I need to add all the files that came with the download made by John.... the JPG's? Do I need to remove EVERYTHING that had to do with the old tires in the .truck file and the jpgs? Again I apologize for being a pain.