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  1. derpmcderpsire

    (packs)Sim- Monsters V4

    This pack is amazing! I love it to bits and pieces but I had an odd bug with U.S Airforce Afterburner. The body is way too far up on the chassis, the grille you can see from the inside of the cab. I don't really know how to fix that. If I could get some help that would be awesome, thanks guys.
  2. derpmcderpsire

    Grave Digger (Breakable)

    Pure Insanity... I love it!
  3. derpmcderpsire

    Gigabite 2018 NAMT

    This is the coolest mod I have installed, but what sound files do you use?
  4. derpmcderpsire

    Mad Scientist Breakable (0.4 Compatible)

    I keep getting an error message each time I try to load the truck in its either a sound file or a missing rim mesh
  5. derpmcderpsire

    Sim- Monsters V4

    Literally the greatest Truck pack ever
  6. derpmcderpsire

    Crusader 2016

    I keep getting an error it said something about a missing resource and that happens every time I try to spawn the truck
  7. derpmcderpsire

    Full V4 Breakable pack

    Please help me when ever I try to use one of these trucks my RoR crashes and I can't use them (im using 0.37.126)
  8. derpmcderpsire

    Zombie Hunter

    People if you actually took the time to download the mod it really is zombie hunter
  9. derpmcderpsire

    MS Metroplex 2015

    I had to download the older version to make this work
  10. derpmcderpsire

    Nashville 2011

  11. derpmcderpsire

    St. Louis

    Put in packs or terrain
  12. derpmcderpsire

    MS Metroplex 2015

    I really do wish this worked on 0.4.5