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  1. chase244445

    Minny 2007 (0.4+ Compatible)

    actually im still on roblox but i dont ask for stuff anymore(plus i need a new laptop :P)
  2. chase244445

    Minny 2007 (0.4+ Compatible)

    can you convert the last event that happened at the metrodome
  3. chase244445

    Iron Man MROR (Blue) BKT's

    can you convert tracks? like minneapolis dec,7 2013
  4. chase244445

    convert a track for me?

    can you convert all minnesota events to 0.4?
  5. monsterjam1 are you gonna release the wf 17 grave diggers or no
  6. chase244445

    PENDA Custom

    Can you convert it to 0.4?
  7. chase244445

    War Wagon 1995

    Is it leap spring?
  8. chase244445

    Eradicator 2.0

    It's in the most downloaded column
    its good but when ever i try to go over one of the crush cars my truck freezes
  9. chase244445

    Hampton #MoreMonsterJam 2014

    Nice job on the tracks
  10. What file do you put the v4.5 tires in?
  11. chase244445

    Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update

    you might want to fix the decals
  12. chase244445

    Minneapolis 2007

    Did anyone hear about Dennis retiring on his 35th anniversary
  13. chase244445

    Chris Hamilton V4 Updates

    Does it work on