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  1. Make sure you get the accurate details on the rust that's formed on the cheap metal
  2. Nope, he had 12 prior to the 2-Wheel Skills championship. It's a championship, it counts.
  3. World Finals XX Champions Showdown Linsey Read Scooby Doo Racing Jimmy Creten Bounty Hunter 2-Wheel Skills Tom Meents Max-D Fire Speedster Racing Armando Castro El Toro Loco ATV Racing Blake Granger Max-D Speedster Obstacle Matt Cody Blue Thunder High Jump Cynthia Gauthier Dalmatian Ice Freestyle Linsey Read Scooby Doo Jimmy Creten is now a 2-time champ, Tom is a 13-time, Max-D has 14 total championships now and two more women champions. A weekend of history.
  4. As weird as it was, the all concrete show in Manchester UK actually kinda worked. The drivers were able to do more poppers than on just cars and from the clips on Instagram, it looked like they could get some bigger air. Would I replace dirt and the hybrid pad with it? No. Would I replace concrete and cars with it? Possibly.
  5. Last five for Main Field at World Finals XX: Justin Sipes - Megalodon Cynthia Gauthier - Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice Morgan Kane - Grave Digger Ryan Anderson - Son-uva Digger Camden Murphy - Bakugan Dragonoid
  6. AB's right... completely different. We have a Hampton model but nobody's made a two lane hybrid yet.
  7. You want it to be seen as a serious motorsport and if they do what you're saying the sport would die from lack of funding. There isn't a proper answer and never will be, but prize money, just racing shows, and complex, overly lengthy racing courses is not what anybody (referencing regular people that don't have opinions about monster trucks) wants to see.
  8. Brother you just explained stadium super trucks. Here's a clip, you'll like these more trust me.
  9. Running costs, lack of sponsors, the fact monster trucks are more entertaining during freestyle... It's unethical to have just racing and prize money when bragging rights is even more important. Nobody talks about how much money athletes/drivers make. They talk about how many CHAMPIONSHIPS they have.
  10. Who provides this "prize money"? Teams get paid no matter if they win or not in Monster Jam and I would assume other indie shows, but indie companies have no money to offer as a prize because they barely make ends meet as it is. Again, you wan't something the sport can't do and won't do Who will go to a monster truck event to not see freestyle other than you. World Finals racing the past years was never sold out but Freestyle was. Do you want the sport to go in a horrible direction? It seems so. Edit: Not trying to be hostile, and haven't cursed or insulted at all. If this is hostile to you you should probably just stop talking to me 😂😂😂
  11. So go watch NHRA. Monster trucks are for entertainment along with competition, not competition sacrificing entertainment. You want something the sport wasn't designed for.
  12. So you want money to be on the line for it to matter? First of all NOBODY has money to offer as prize money, all money goes to fixing the trucks so they can, ya know, start. Second of all, points series' and event championships have points associated with racing, so when two trucks are on the line they're racing for points. Is prize money what you want to make the sport "legitimate"? Monster trucks were always invited for entertainment. If you want "real racing" go watch stadium super trucks.
  13. Trust me, I know people on the inside of MJ and that is far from scripted or rigged. Only thing scripted is the scheduling and timing of everything, the action on the track is very much unscripted.
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