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  1. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    Ice Cream Man 2018

    RIGHT ON NICK ! Sincerely, TEAM RK
  2. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    Tampa 2002

    great track ! where can I get those older versions of trucks, like in the photo?
  3. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    Grave Digger XXXII (32) 2016

    is it just me ? but when ever I land really hard on the front tire, it glitches my truck to where I originally sponded. Still a great truck , I just cant enjoy it as much for freestyle because I have to be careful landing on the front end.
  4. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    Pirates Curse

    its awsome!!! , thanks for making it
  5. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    Grave Digger XX pack

    Nice thankyou so much, i'm about to dowload it. I cant believe how cool these trucks look. Good Job and thank you
  6. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    Titan 2016 Pack

    You did amazing building these Titan trucks , cuddos to you. these really look awsome !!!!!!!!! hope you could make some 2016 FS1 tracks cuz thatnwould be epic as well
  7. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    Rear Steering

    i had the same problem, it originally says f1 and f2 is the steering , but those didnt work for me. so go to the document settings of ror and go to the configuration folder, then go to input. Scroll around until you see the commands. Command 1 and 2 is the steering. Only edit where it says f1 and f2. change those two buttons to any button you feel compterble for you.
  8. Rudy Martin Del Campo

    my monster trucks roll over easily, any help?

    I just got ror/ sims monsters a few days ago and it great, but the monster trucks roll over easily when i try to turn.slow or fast the truck rolls over to easily. Is there any way this can be fixed? thankyou