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  1. I highly doubt FELD will do that. All they care about is the money they make selling Hot Wheels monster trucks.
  2. Hi Billy Mays here to tell you that we sell Oxi-Clean, the stain specialist, powered by the air you breathe, activated by the water that you and I drink. It’s Mother Nature-approved and it’s safe on your colored fabrics. Use it on carpets. OxiClean seeks out organic stains, pet stains, food stains. it gets down into the matting, into the padding. It even takes red wine and grape juice out of white carpeting. It cleans, it brightens, it eliminates odors all at the same time. Don’t just get it clean, get it OxiClean. Make a paste. Make it 10 times as powerful! The longer you let it set, the easier it is. It will whiten your grout and get rid of your toughest stains. Sometimes soaking is the solution. If you use bleach, you’ll ruin your clothes! OxiClean won’t hurt the material -- even lace! It has the power of bleach without the damaging side effects of chlorine. When your laundry detergent just isn’t enough, super charge it with OxiClean. One scoop in every load of laundry, it will make your whites whiter. It will make your brights brighter. As a stain remover, it’s the best! Grass stains, clay stains. Long live your laundry! OxiClean, the stain specialist. We sold millions of our two-and-half-pound tubs for $40. But if you call now, we’ll cut the price in half, only $19.95. You’ll also receive the Squirt Bottle and the Super Shammy absolutely free. If you call during this show, you’ll receive a bottle of our world-famous Orange Clean made with pure orange oil. It cuts through the grease and the grime whether it’s baked on in the oven or caked on the stove. You get all this for just $19.95. But call in the next 20 minutes, and we’ll super size your OxiClean from a two-and-a-half pound tub to a whopping six-pound tub! Don't miss out on this incredible deal!
  3. Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30 gHZ Motherboard: ASUS Z97-E with USB 3.1 Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti RAM: 32 GB, Unknown brand Monitor: HP LP2465 (Circa 2005?), found in attic Power Supply: Unknown, found in attic Case: Unknown, found in attic I built this 2 years ago alongside my uncle. My power supply is god knows how old, but even after 2 years it still runs like new.
  4. LAME JOKE ALERT What do you call a Sim Racing Design moderator? Sim Jong Un.
  5. Will bring back memories. I remember a 10 year old me just spending all of his day freestyling on AME1.
  6. I just hope I can simply run the game. Spawning vehicle = RIP.
  7. ._. really Page up and page down buttons, and use up arrow.
  8. They once made a "Chuck Norris" brand toilet paper, but it wouldn't take sh[censored] from anybody.
  9. Yay we got out of poopost city Ey b0ss. Looks good!
  10. I've been a fan of them ever since the second transformers movie. It hit me hard when I heard he died. I don't think I'll see the band the same now that he's gone. RIP Chester
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