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  1. the mod is already on a racesource
  2. vegasfest


    the fish can't swim
  3. tracks don't work in 4.8 because the .4 converted tracks have missing files it calls for
  4. just something i made. also made some modifications to the tire settings making the tires weigh 800 pounds, and also tire spring siffness and damping settings from kozak's v4 tweaks
  5. vegasfest

    Font List

    does anyone know the grave digger font?
  6. don't worry, it happens everytime a new track or truck has been added, just start the game again and you will be fine
  7. It’s because blaze didn’t clone the smoke, your suppose to drag the smokeblz partical file to the partical zip
  8. Sorry if this is off topic but the beamng monster truck devs had the idea of hang10
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