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  1. william montagna

    Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Truck

    That track looks good and the truck.
  2. william montagna

    Scrapyard2018 Uncut SIRs

    How do i put these trucks in the game, would I put them in the truck file?
  3. william montagna

    Toronto 2018

    Alright thanks
  4. william montagna

    Toronto 2018

    All the tracks that i download are from 4.0 and 0.37
  5. william montagna

    Toronto 2018

    Happens to other tracks as well
  6. william montagna

    Toronto 2018

    How would i fix this problem?
  7. william montagna

    Toronto 2018

    how would i know what version am using, Am new to this.
  8. william montagna

    Toronto 2018

    It will say "rigs of rods has stopped working" and then on the bottom of that it will say please report the accident.
  9. william montagna

    Toronto 2018

    Am trying to open the map in the game but it wont work. It keeps kicking me out of the game.
  10. william montagna

    NAMT Las Vegas, NV 2018

    How would i take a screenshot on the computer?
  11. william montagna

    NAMT Las Vegas, NV 2018

    when ever i open the map, something that is black is following me were i go, is it because i have other maps that are effecting it?
  12. william montagna

    New Orleans Custom 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    ok thanks
  13. william montagna

    New Orleans Custom 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    its not working for me