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Mark Colineri

RoR:MO Sign-Ups

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Well, it is almost that time to get started with the first season of Rigs Of Rods: Monster Outlaws!


With this league being heavily based on how you do as an individual, it is highly encouraged that you sign up in your personal custom, or a custom that you have permission to use. Although, if you do not have a custom to run, you are permitted to run a replica truck.


We will be getting under way with Pre-Season soon, so stay tuned for more information.


Please sign up using this format.









Name: Mark Colineri

AIM: MAColineri

Truck: Working Class II

Nickname: Big Chief 






  1. Dylan "The Buckeye Bullet" Bernier - Susan G Komen Foundation
  2. Hagan "Fishinator" James - West Wind Training Center: Amiin Edition
  3. Alex "Iron Brigader" Steinhaus - Storm Tracker
  4. Trevor "Moses" Amos - The Apex Runner
  5. Aaron Lurie - Monster Energy Pro 4
  6. Mitchell "Mitch" Bumpass - Grave Digger
  7. Devin "Double D" Doss - Deja Vu II
  8. Nick "The Dickhead Admin" Kozak - Canadian Crippler
  9. Mason "The Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom" Watts - Need For Swede
  10. Joshua Micks - Atomic Fallout
  11. Antonio "King Bacca" Rubal - The Freak
  12. Damian "Mini Mooch" Bowers - Untapped Rage
  13. Casey "Milk Carton Kid" Graves - John Cena's Super Slam
  14. Michael "Angus Pounder" DesRoches - Killing Time
  15. Tharindu "Scrub" Don - Frostbite
  16. Zach "Ghost" Steele - Haulin'
  17. Jack Merkle - All American Nightmare
  18. Blake "Balaque" Thompson - Southern Slayer
  19. Alex "Runt" Vester - Penumbra II
  20. Alex "Voth" Lindgren - Scorched II
  21. Tyler "Mayday" May - Snap-On Torque
  22. Chris Hamilton - Hot Wheels Adrenaline Rush
  23. Andrew "Crasher" Bayley - Bad Intentions
  24. Dalton "Bone Head" Widner - BoneHead Racing II
  25. Daniel "DanDon" Donnelly - Crushin' Chaos
  26. Jon "Eeyore" Cannon - Pony Express Boobie Edition
  27. Tom "CIFPO Champion" Papaccio - Lucas Oil Trophy Truck
  28. Chris "Mr. Crash" Holt - Fast and Furious
  29. Rafa "Monsterextremo" Jarek - Hot Wheels 2006
  30. Edy "El Charro" Beltran - Instigator
  31. Matt "SealedGecko" Wilkinson - Bootlegger
  32. Preston "Rabbit" Perez - Newedle 3
  33. Aaron "Crankshaft" Cruickshank - Blue Thunder Raptor
  34. Andrew "Bodybuilder" Sheets - Grim Reaper
  35. Chadwick "Beardman" Deerfoot - Bearded Dragon
Edited by Mark Colineri

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Name: Hagan James

AIM: fishinatorh@yahoo.com

Truck: West Wind Training Center: Amiin Edition

Nickname: Fishinator

Edited by Hagan James

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Name: Alex Steinhaus

AIM: alexsteinhaus@yahoo.com

Truck: Storm Tracker (WIP)

Nickname: Iron Brigader

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Name: Kozak

AIM: outlawedracing@aol.com

Truck: Canadian Crippler

Nickname: ThatDickheadAdmin

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