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SMRA Season 4 Budgets


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A few points for everyone, if you have a team and have drivers running more then one tour, you do not have to post your budget for Friday immediately, you just have to make sure your budget is done before the next event/s the coming week
Also, if you have more then 3 teammates running on one tour, your travel cost will be doubled to reflect the need for two "haulers" as typically they only carry two monster trucks per trailer.
Other then that everything is looking good!

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Mythical Motorsports: Week 1

- Mt. Pleasant, MI.

- Starting Budget: $70,284

- Booking Pay: +$4,000

- Event Purse: +$1,300

- Travel Cost: -$402

- Damages: -$0

- Modifications: -$2,000 

(Bought used pair of BKTs from Mash Motorsports).

- New Budget: $73,182

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