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Gaithersburg 2018 XMT Test Event

Vegas Golden Knights

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Hello Sim-Monsters I am running a test event for a league I am hoping to run this September. This event will be on Tuesday, July 13th at 7:00EST on Gaithersburg 2018. We will have Qualifying, Racing and Freestyle competition. Qualifying will be from 5:00-6:45EST with the drivers who signed up. You may only use independents to sign up in, trucks can be private or on sims for this event ONLY. (The rulebook will specify more about the truck rule in the future). We will be using Rigs of Rods 2021.04 and it is a V4 settings league. Sign ups will open July 12th at 7:00EST.

Be in the fun-runs voice chat by 6:50EST for a drivers meeting going over the rules of the event.

Qualifying & Racing:

  • Make sure you are using the Sim-Monsters Anti Cheat, a link can be found here:   
  • Qualifying will be 1 lap in each lane, no practice laps, no redoes
  • Do not join the game when you aren't called in
  • Red lighting will result a DQ
  • Crossing the white line on the racing ramp will result in a 5 second penalty
  • Lane Choice will be determined by Qualifying for Round 1, and then the previous round time for the rest of the night
  • A bad wreck in/after your race can result in removal from the freestyle competition, so don't throw your truck after the line


  • 120 Seconds
  • Criteria is:
    • 10 points for Time
    • 10 points for Technicality
    • 10 points for Momentum
    • 10 points for Air
    • 5 points for Wow Factor
  • Tracks without a backflip will have no backflips allowed
  • Obey all RII calls
  • Drivers should try and stay realistic, but drivers will not be penalized for unrealistic saves.

Other rules can be found in the document, that is also in the spreadsheet below.


Track Link: 

 Sign Up Format:




Truck Link:

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Reminders before sign ups open tonight at 7:00EST:

Sign Up Format:
Truck Link-

See you tonight at 7:00est for the sign ups.

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