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King Of The Hill 2023: More Bounce 2 The Ounce 2 - Naples


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Y'all wanted more? You got it! But this time these old war horses will get to really stretch their legs...


The first ever More Bounce 2 The Ounce was a big success, and folks were wondering when the next one would go down. Well since MJL and SCS wrapped up, SPS is about to finish up, and MTP doesn't start until late October, I figured we could get a few more in. First up, we're taking a trip down to the Sunshine State to the home of swamp buggies and the sippy hole, Florida Sports Park in Naples!

This track has a long history with irl monsters dating back to the early 90's, and there's been a fair number of virtual events held here; the most recent being last season of MTP. As a matter of fact, this is the very same layout MTP ran on. The race course is a throwback to the Penda days, so these leafers will definitely get pushed to their limits.

Setup for the show is the same as the first, but we'll still go over the details below.

Event Details:
Event Date - Sunday, September 3rd, 2023.
Driver's Meeting - 8pm eastern.
Start Time - 8:30pm eastern.

Sign-Ups open on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 at 8pm and are first come, first served.
There will be 12 spots up for grabs, once all 12 are claimed any sign ups posted afterwards will go into the fill in pool.
Your sign up will only guarantee you a spot in the show, as trucks will be assigned at random.
Also, if you take a spot knowing full well you won't be able to compete (aka gatekeeping), you will be suspended from participation in KOTH events indefinitely.

You must be present in the KOTH voice chat at the start of the drivers meeting, failure to do so will result in you being replaced with an alternate.
If you're gonna be late, let us know in advance and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

This will be a 1 night points championship consisting of 3 competitions: Wheelie Contest, Single Truck Time Trials, and Side By Side Drag Racing.
The finishing order of the wheelie competition will set the order for the time trials, but the bracket for the drag racing competition will be set with a qualifying session.
Competitors will score points in each event based off of where they finish, and the driver with the highest combined total points will be crowned King Of The Hill at the end of the night.

Other specific rules will be gone over during the driver's meeting.

You are not allowed to make any changes to the trucks or track provided without approval from a KOTH official, if you're caught doing so you will be suspended from KOTH participation indefinitely.

Sign Up Format:
Discord (must be in the SM discord server, and must be enrolled in King Of The Hill):

Link to the track:


Link to the trucks:

Full field of trucks will be posted in Discord.

12 trucks.
1 crown.
Who will be king?

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