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Post your RC pics


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I haven't see a RC car picture topic up here. I know others on this site probably have some pretty cool rides. I have 25+ cars and trucks myself from my days as a hobby shop employee. Here are a few pics of mine. More to come later.

Clod Buster



Nitro Stampede




Nitro MT



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my slash at quincy monster jam during the rc demo.. 2010 traxxas slasg with the jerry welchel body and a 5.5 novak brushless


this car is my BABY!! 2011 custom works rocket josh richards replica body 13.5 novak this car finished 5th in the b main at 2011 customworks king of the wings

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and im lookin to add another truck to my stable right now im torn between 2 axial rtrs

Wraith http://www.axialracing.com/ftp/wraith/index.html

and the

honcho http://www.axialracing.com/ftp/scx10_honcho/index.html

both close to the same price but the wraith is a rock racer with some nice scale detail but the honcho is more of a scale crawler which is want im wanting

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