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SMTS @ Remond!


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Eight of the worlds best Monster Trucks will enter Remond Arena this Sunday night for two, that's right TWO shows! Featuring Wheelie, Racing, and Freestyle competitions!


Featuring Bigfoot(Black and Blue), Rockstar, California Kid,  Titan, Toxic, Crushstation, Heavy Hitter, and Outback Thunda!


We will be running two shows back to back on Sunday.


4est/3cst, the second show will begin 15 minutes after the first. I'm hoping to fly right through these and have a ton of fun in the process. Signups will open at 6est/5cst TONIGHT!



Heavy Hitter- Josh Rhodes

Toxic- Luis Lebron

Bigfoot- Devin Doss

Titan- Mark Colineri

California Kid- Aaron Lurie

Rockstar- Nick Kozak

Outback Thunda- Jared Murilo

Crushstation- Alan Echevarria

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Since this virus situation didn't get resolved until about 20 minutes after the time i originally scheduled this race, I'm just going to push this back to Tuesday.


Can everyone that signed up make a Tuesday 5est/4cst start time?

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