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2014 Arena Champion!


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 2014 SMRA ARENA CHAMPION - Nick Kozak - Canadian Crippler. Congrats


Top Three in Final Arena points. 


Nick Kozak - 303
Dan Agosh-298
Andrew Sheets-256



Your racing Arena champion: Dan Agosh



Your Freestyle Arena Champion: Nick Kozak


Dount and wheelies Champion: Chadwick Deerfoot

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Thanks guys, I know I ended up with an extra arena show over everyone else which ultimately lead to the win (No that was not intentional in terms of points, 3 of our team trucks started to having issues attending shows and in an attempt to keep our profit as high as possible, it kind of just happened). With that said, I still suck at racing (I am pretty sure I only won 2 or 3 arena races all year) but I was happy with my consistent freestyle showings and was the reason I ended up doing as well as I did.


Switching gears for a second, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone that has helped with this league. From Agosh for putting this whole deal on to the event directors/judges/officials and competitors. There is a reason I made a concerted effort to make all of my events, be a fill in or just help with running the event, this has honestly been some of the most enjoyable racing I have been involved in for a very long time. I really hope there is a season 2 and if there is Dano, I pre-extend and offer of being an event director!

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As the owner of Can-Am Racing, I couldn't be more proud of Kozak bringing home the very first championship of SMRA Season 1. During the process of forming this team, before I was the owner, RKM and I were discussing who we should try and bring in; one of the names he mentioned was ol' canadian bacon here, and I supported the choice from the get go. His fabrication skills are second to none, and he's a rather underrated driver in my honest opinion; so when he agreed to join, I knew we were gonna make some noise in this deal. Through all of the uncertainties with folks leaving the team and having to adjust schedules, he stayed as cool as the other side of the pillow; that poise is what lead to his success this year, and will help lead this team into the World Finals and beyond.

Congrats to ya my friend, well deserved and far overdue; and you had better not doubt you driving abilities ever again. Anyone can show up and win a single event, but it takes a true talent to win a championship.

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