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Sim-Monsters Racing Association World Finals!

Mark Colineri

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A little over 4 months ago, 7 year online monster truck competitor Dan Agosh announced Sim-Monsters Racing Association. The league was to be the first full-season budget league run on Sim-Monsters. Dan wanted to bring back the fun of Rigs Of Rods' predecessor, Monster Truck Madness 2, which brought back some old, familiar faces to the race track. SMRA was created to bring the most realistic, most fun league to be introduced to the Sim-Monsters community. Not only did he attract an American crowd, a handful of foreign racers even tried to make their mark throughout the season.


The first major show of the season in Houston, Texas, was ran by none other than founder of SMRA, Dan Agosh. This show set the stage for the rest of the season. Every competitor wanted to start the season out with a win. Plenty of the major contenders from Sim-Monsters were in attendance, along with some new faces that would begin to make a name for themselves later in the season. With the star studded field, 2 regular faces ended up coming out on top. Mark Colineri in Working Class set the pace for the rest of his season taking a racing win over his teammate, Chris Hamilton. Freestyle saw Vaters Monster Motorsports crew member Daniel Donnelly driving Overkill Evolution rise above the field with one of the best freestyle performances of the season.


Throughout the season, SMRA became synonymous with well-ran events, tough competition, exciting moments, and great camaraderie. One of the most exciting moments of the entire season came at Week 6 in St. Louis, Missouri. In the first race of the evening, Damian Bowers was pitted up against long time Monster Truck Madness 2 and Rigs Of Rods veteran Josh "Dig" Rhodes in his Wreckless Intent machine. The whole way around the track, both drivers were neck and neck. When they crossed the finish line, boy was it a moment to remember.


After close review by the officials, the race was deemed an absolute tie, and both drivers would have to line up once more to decide a winner. In the end, Josh and his Wreckless Intent truck would be victorious, but he still had a long way to go through the bracket, this was only Round One!


At the end of the regular season, two different points champions had been crowned. Mark Colineri and Working Class took the Overall, Overall Racing, Overall Freestyle, Throwdown Stadium Overall, Throwdown Stadium Racing, and Throwdown Stadium Freestyle points titles. Nick Kozak in Canadian Crippler would be crowned the Arena Chaos Overall, and Arena Chaos Freestyle points champion.


Even though both drivers were crowned points champions, their seasons could not have been more different from each other.


​At the end of the season, Mark Colineri had amounted an impressive amount of wins in every environment possible. Mark was able to take home a win in almost every venue he traveled to this season.

Total Wins - 15

Stadium Racing Wins - 5

Stadium Freestyle Wins - 5

Arena Racing Wins - 2

Arena Freestyle Wins - 3


The polar opposite of Mark, Nick Kozak came so very close to taking home a win multiple times throughout the season, but was not able to in the end. But, that does not mean he had bad performances. Nick was consistently in the top 5 of every competition each and every week. His consistency was what helped him rise to the top of the leader boards.


This season, points weren't a drivers only focus. The Budget System played a huge role in determining how competitors drove their equipment. At the end of the season, though, one team was able to manage this better than any other team. Real Performance Motorsports was able to maintain their budget the best. Each driver on the team; Mark Colineri, Chris Hamilton, Zach Nicholas and Joshua Micks, were able to average $62,873 per driver.
Now, with the regular season over, points titles determined, and drivers eager to compete again, we all prepare for the Sim-Monsters Racing Association World Finals in Denver, Colorado! The field is set, the top 20 in points are locked in, and final 4 spots have been earned by Michael Murray, Dylan Bernier, Mark Iron, and Preston Perez. On behalf of everyone here at SMRA, we wish the competitors the best of luck. The World Finals WILL be livestreamed, and we hope that whoever isn't able to compete will join in on the action via live coverage.
The final 4 drivers that already qualified into the field, you are not required to qualify again. Drivers who are locked into the field based on points, you ARE required to make a qualifying pass on the track.
If you are locked in and you will not be able to race with us on May 25, please notify either Mark Colineri or Dan Agosh so we can make the appropriate changes to the field.
Trucks that need to Qualify for this Weekends event
Mark Colineri

Dan Agosh
Chadwick Deerfoot
Jon Cannon
Aaron Lurie
Andrew Sheets
Nick Kozak
Danny Mackey
Josh Gajewski
Mason Watts
Devin Doss
Chris Hamilton

Zach Steele
Andrew Wamsley
Tyler May
Joshua Micks
Josh Rhodes
Johan Seminario
Zach Nicholas
Michael DesRoches.


You got until Friday!!


Track Updated:http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1492-smra-finale-denver-co-mile-high-stadium/

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Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the show due to the show I'm working at on Sunday being a night event and not an afternoon event. I wish Dan the best of luck for the finals as well as the rest of the SMRA staff that will be helping out this coming Sunday, and to whoever is #25 on the overall, congratulations, you just got yourself bumped up to number #24. Best of luck guys, hope it's a rocking event.

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Working Class 2.0 has gotten a make-over and some upgrades in preparation for the Sim Monsters Racing Association World Finals! The team came up with a new wrap that blended the schemes from both the original Working Class and the new Working Class 2.0. Also, we put a completely new shock package on the truck. Doing some tuning on the truck as we speak so we can go make some more test passes on this difficult World Finals track. 




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Damian Bowers- Untapped Rage 16.778

Michael DesRoches - Gentle Ben 1- 16.918

Josh Rhodes -wreckless Intent-17.003
Mark Colineri - Working Class- 17.003
Josh Gajewski - Kontorl freek- 17.092
Nick Kozak -  Candian Crippler- 17.177
Dan Agosh - USA-1-17:191
Joshua Micks - 17.250
Chris Hamilton -17.25
Tyler May - 17.277
Chadwick Deerfoot -17:403
Zach Nicholas - 17.405
Andrew Sheets - 17.462
Mason Watts - 17.519
Devin Doss - 17.688
Zach Steele - 17.736
Matt Wilkinson- 17.782
Andrew Wamsley -18.002
Daniel Simon- DNQ

Andrew Marsh-DNQ

Mike Murray- Scrapper-17.312

Dylan Bernier-   Wrangler- 17.970
Mark Iron- Am/Pm Rocket -18.280
Preston Perez - Newedle - 18.586

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I won't make it; If it was a week later, I could, but this Sunday, I'm needed to attend the baccalaureate service at my high school, which will last from 6:00 - 9:00; Plus I'm gonna hang with a special girl; (The one that thinks Johan is my Peruvian Gardener.) I wish everyone the best of luck, but for now, someone will either need to drive my Breast Cancer Awareness Pony Express, or I will need to be replaced. Great Being on your team this year Dan.

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Green Lantern is ready for the World Finals, and it's sporting this brand new paint scheme that will only be used for special events. We've been working tirelessly to ensure that this, along with the rest of our trucks that made it, are 100% ready to kick some butt in Denver; and we think we've achieved that goal, but only time will tell.....

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