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Summer Throwdown at Vegas


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From the people who brought you ORL, Big Dawgs, ROR-MD, ROR-MM, ROR-TN Brings you the first ever Sim-Monsters Summer Throwdown in Las Vegas! June 22nd the Monsters will roll into vegas and tackle the big vegas floor. 24 trucks will make the field only 2 trophies to be won here. You think you got what it takes to win? Then join us June 22nd for the throwdown of a lifetime

Basic Aim Chat and Race Directing Rules:
So with Special Events being topics of controversy were going to be more strict than usual. All drivers wanting to make a pass must make it in the qualifying period. No grace period must qualify within said time (See Date/Times Below). All racers must be in the group chat before 6:25, anyone not in will be replaced by the next highest (then so on). Please make sure you are on time and ready!
When in called ingame you will be placed on 2 minute clock with no grace period if you don’t make it into the server. This is to keep the Events rolling smoothly. If you are not in within 2 minutes your race will be dropped, if by then you are still not able to make it for your race than your opponent will get a bye run. If you do not show up within the 2 minute clock for Freestyle than you automatically get a DNS (Did Not Star) On the results sheet. Again trying to keep the events running smoothly.
We will be monitoring who is joining the chat during the event, since we had plenty of instances where people join when they’re not supposed to under alias name if you get caught you will be banned from running any events under my moderation again.
Any fooling around within the aim chat (Posting inappropriate links, spamming, constant hate/fight starting) will result with a kick from the event.
Any calls argued will be discussed in race control (the skype call with announcers and directors) And we will determine if your motion is accepted or denied. If you go on a rampage if we deny your motion then you will be kicked from the event. We understand that calls can be questionable and want to give you the chance to stand up for yourself but if we decided that it was a fair call then just move on.

Racing Penalties:
Missing the ramp: +5 Second Penalty
Off course: DNF

Freestyle Temporary RII:
Soft rollover and save
Sidewalls more than 1 revolution up to 3 revolutions (after the truck is saved)
Soft Wall hits
Hard hit #1

Freestyle Permanent RII:
Rollover (not saved)
Hard Rollover (saved)
Hard wall hits
Sidewalls More than 3 Revolutions
Any Unrealistic move decided upon Race Control

Qualifying: Saturday 6/21/14 12:00- 4:30 PM EST
Race Aim Chat: Sunday 6/22/14 6:00 PM Est
Race Drivers Meeting: Sunday 6/22/14 6:30 PM EST
Race Starts: Sunday 6/22/14 6:35 PM EST

Race Recording:
The race will be stream live on twitch.tv (Will link to the page during the event and on the event thread)

Race Control:
Dylan Bernier
Joshua Micks
Mark Colineri
Daniel Simon

We hope to have a clean, fun, and competitive event!
How to sign up:


TRACK LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7xc5m8k4v3t09mw/CustomWorldFinals6.zip

Replica Truck Sign ups only!
Sign Ups:
1: Dan Agosh: Max-D
2: Joshua Micks: Son-Uva Digger
3: Mark Colineri: Thor
4: Daniel Simon: Hot Wheels Firestorm
5: Trevor Amos Moses: Wolverine
6: Tyler May: Grave Digger
7: Antonio Rubal: Hooked
8: Blake Thompson: Grave Digger the Legend
9: Dalton Widner: El Diablo 2014
10: Josh Gajewski: El toro loco
11: Alex Lindgren: Monster Energy
12: Dominic Hocutt: Bigfoot Badboy

13: Alan Echevarria: Titan 2014
14: Chris Holt: Ice Monster
15: Seth Halloway: Avenger
16: Chris Hamilton: Scarlet Bandit 2005
17: Mike Russell: Nitro Circus
18: Devin Doss: Bounty Hunter 2005
20: Alex Steinhaus: Boy Scouts of America
21: Yovany Rayos: The Patriot
22: Jack Mccarthy: Monster Mutt
23: Jeremiah Price: Spiderman
24: Edy Beltran: Saigon Shaker
25: Aaron Lurie: Bulldozer
26: Alex Vester: Reptoid
27: Aaron Cruickshank: Blue Thunder
28: Mason Paul: Barbarian
29: Connor Richardson: Backdraft
30: Zach Nicholas: Ghost Ryder
31: Andrew Sheets: Monster Mutt Rottweiler 
32: Jeremiah Riter: Detour
33: Jon Cannon: Identity Theft

34: Bob Jones: Backwards Bob

35: Martin Giles: Airborne Ranger

36: Colton Johnston: Metal Mulisha 

37: Joseph Dionne: Northern Nightmare

38: Chadwick Deerfoot: Predator

39: John Schmoe: Battle Beast

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