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King of the Hill: Shatner Motor Speedway: BIGFOOT VS GRAVE DIGGER!


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Welcome one and all to the revival of King of the Hill. If you didn't run this series, here is a short rundown on it:


King of the Hill is a one night points championship. Pretty obvious, the driver and truck that earn the most points on the evening is crowned the King of the Hill! When I used to run these events, I would post the field of trucks, and it would be a first come first serve signup basis. This format will be returning. These events will be simple, quick, and hopefully fun for all those involved.


Now, onto the action:


KING OF THE HILL: SHATNER MOTOR SPEEDWAY! (Track Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1500-shatner-motor-speedway/)


On Friday June the 20th, 2014, at 6PM Central time: Shatner Motor Speedway will be invaded by the MONSTERS! A dream lineup of Trucks will file into the palace of speed this Friday for one of the biggest Monster Truck events of the year! For one night only, you will get to witness a rare spectacle within the sport! BIGFOOT: The Original Monster Truck vs GRAVE DIGGER: The Black and Green Wrecking Machine!








BUT WAIT: That's not all! 6 other trucks will be trying to spoil Grave Digger and Bigfoot's party! Stone Crusher, Hooked, Avenger, Wrecking Crew, Gun Slinger, and Barbarian! Tickets are FREE because this isn't real! COME OUT AND SEE THE MONSTERS PLAY!


Truck Lineup:


Grave Digger XIX(Josh Rhodes)

Bigfoot 19(Michael Murray)

Stone Crusher(Aaron Lurie)

Hooked(Mason Watts)

Avenger(Conner Richardson)

Wrecking Crew(Devin Doss)

Gun Slinger(Andrew Wamsely)

Barbarian(Joshua Micks)


First come First Serve on the signups. Please include your name, and your AIM name, as well as the truck you wish to drive. If all trucks are taken, signup as an alternate!

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I could be wrong but as a Fill in for King of the Hill, i think you are suppose to drive that person truck. Unless josh is running different rules this time around. These fields are usually locked to the trucks posted above. So if i chose not to show, then Bigfoot would be open for a fill in.

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