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I have been wanting to do this for a while and now that I am almost certain I can host I want to try. Some of you should know (and if you don't your about to) that I came to ROR from Monster Truck Madness 2. One of the biggest things I miss from that game was the large scale special events that were lax on rules and big on fun. Don't get me wrong I love ROR and I think I have made pretty clear I prefer realism over derping. What I think most people misinterpret is I hate derping all together, this is not the case. Most of my dislike stems from people having different views/opinions on what is realistic or not. 



I want to see the interest an event like this would draw and here is the basic breakdown of what I have come up.


So right off the bat I will no be participating in this event however since I will be doing everything (calling people into server, judge, etc). No there will not be any livestreaming though I might do a TS style djing maybe announcing.



-Custom event (not based on a real event)


Field Size

-will be based on how many people sign up


Racing Rules
-No qualifying
-Each racing rounds are randomized. (Yes every round)
-Clipping turning cars are their own penalty.
-One tiring a racing ramp is a DNF, if both trucks one tire then the first truck to the line wins.
-Counter steering using the rear wheels is not allowed, doing so will forfeit your run.
Freestyle Rules
-There will be no realistic rules other then wall hits.
-30 second grace period from the start of your freestyle. (Basically if you roll in the first 30 seconds, you can roll back over and continue your run. Once you use your grace up or the 30 seconds is up, you no longer get grace).
-Please note, while crashes will not adversely affect your score if your finding yourself rolling over every other hit, your not going to be getting points for "saves" either
-If you end up in a situation where your side, roof or any other position where only 2 or less tires are touching ground, you will get 2-3 seconds to try and right your truck under your own power before you will be called done
Vote, comment, let me know!
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