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  1. That was a hard project I built it for him i added that matte effect i will send it you sky hmu when ever.
  2. bruh u need a cookie this is sweg boi
  3. yea i would think so lol.
  4. Really like the look Blake it definitely fits i was working on a custom with that chassis but it never got finished.
  5. Hold the mouse wheel and just drag your mouse.
  6. Thanks man! for Night Vision 2.0 i was gonna do a camo look and change up some things i missed.
  7. Next is my current wip
  8. A custom that was done a few weeks ago
  9. sum more stuffz
  10. Stuff
  11. some diggers hood like Adoms sits on a angle so thats what i did the body is on fine i made sure of that. Im working on the nodes as well Shout out to @Mr. Self Destruct for showing me what to do where i live there is a blizzard going on right now so ill have time to do other Projects.
  12. its still in the works havin trouble with numbers lining 4 links up.
  13. I got board