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  1. This is absolutely amazing and most definitely well worth the wait!!! The only small thing I would suggest is removing the bow-tie from the front of the chassis for aesthetic reasons but all in all, this is jaw-dropping or should I say "Jaws"-dropping!😂 Keep up the incredible work.🙏
  2. Actually, Adam did run Magnaflow collectors during the 2011 season pre-World Finals XII: https://imgur.com/WCeitK4 Also, he did run nitrogen shocks for the debut show of the second Legend chassis: https://imgur.com/0H8MZPM However, Adam always ran an in-house Cohen chassis, not a CRD, but I can see that this project was clearly adapted for the previously released Digger 34 pack.
  3. Love the blatant proselytism. That's like someone asking, "How do you work out this math problem?" and your reply is, "Here's a calculator; you won't even have to do any math." 🙄
  4. Love the blatant proselytism above. That's like someone asking, "How do you work out this math problem?" and your reply is, "Here's a calculator; you won't even have to do any math." 🙄
  5. I think he may be referring to the newly redesigned Dragon (which ran an in-house Cohen chassis). The Corvette ran a modified CRD, though.
  6. I have had the same issue with it and have always wondered if it was just me. Glad to see someone else's feedback about it.
  7. Oh and perhaps the "Old" and "New" Batman? Gee that is such a forgotten truck nowadays
  8. Would you consider any of the following: Nitro Circus (although with an extended cab), US Air Force Afterburner, pre-WF XIV Superman, An Escalade, and gray Mohawk Warrior? Would really be nice to see those late '00 to early '10 trucks in updated versions.
  9. Same problem as you. When I click it, Rigs of Rods (I've only tried it in 0.37) just closes almost instantly without warning.
  10. No, but I have two 'corrections.' One, Ryan should not technically be on that list, but that's honestly up to you and your preference. Two, it's "Venard," not "Vernard."
  11. Only deal-breaker for me is that the roman numerals are "XXVII" which depicts Pauken's truck, yet the chassis is a Cohen and not a CRD. But I guess this makes sense given that five of nine Diggers are in fact Cohen and they may not have realized that the numerals were different for each truck.
  12. Not sure if you're aware but Becky's chassis last year was in fact a Cohen, while her current chassis is a CRD. http://imgur.com/a/wPbu0 http://imgur.com/a/OGFYP
  13. Yes, you are lacking in some information. Also, Blackwell was the driver during the time of the crash.
  14. NitrousInferno


    Well, this is quite a bit different from the Whirlwind that I came to know, but I like the improvements (I assume you can figure out who I am based on my username).
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