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  1. MixedMadness

    .4 converted track pack #3

    Please convert South Haven 2013 or the old Monster X Tour tracks!
  2. MixedMadness

    Jacksonville 2010 4. converted

    Please convert some more monster x tour stops! old southhaven tracks!
  3. MixedMadness

    Minimum Disruption

    *Minimum Destruction*
  4. MixedMadness

    The "Why Did I Make These" Pack

    even better
  5. MixedMadness

    The "Why Did I Make These" Pack

    We need a Guy Fieri truck lol. Guy Fieri in GRILLER!
  6. MixedMadness

    Scooby Doo 2019

    AS always great job!
  7. MixedMadness

    Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 2019

    Love your breakables! Megalodon next?
  8. MixedMadness

    (Truck) Sniper

    Body: 2006 Chevy Silverado HD Fast Back Driver: Wally Turner Name: Sniper Chassis: Maverick Monster Tracker Chassis Pics:
  9. MixedMadness

    [TRUCK] Sniper

    Name: Sniper Body: Maverick Monster Tracker Chassis: Maverick Monster Tracker Paint:
  10. MixedMadness

    Son-Uva Digger MUD Custom CRRT

    CRRT is my league go check it out on my YT CreatorOfChaosXV
  11. MixedMadness

    Casey's Extreme Monster Truck Tour: Metlife 2018! (custom)

    can someone send the link to the tough truck
  12. MixedMadness

    Whiplash RoR STS

    Dank AF
  13. MixedMadness

    MTM2 Max-D and Grave Digger

    Love it
  14. MixedMadness

    Scooby Doo 2018 (Gordon) UPDATE

    Quit being so tough on him. Most of u don't even post things so give him some credit
  15. MixedMadness

    Young Gravy 2018 (Custom)

    Its time to stop