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  1. MixedMadness

    Son-Uva Digger MUD Custom CRRT

    CRRT is my league go check it out on my YT CreatorOfChaosXV
  2. MixedMadness

    Casey's Extreme Monster Truck Tour: Metlife 2018! (custom)

    can someone send the link to the tough truck
  3. MixedMadness

    Whiplash RoR STS

    Dank AF
  4. MixedMadness

    MTM2 Max-D and Grave Digger

    Love it
  5. MixedMadness

    Scooby Doo 2018 (Gordon) UPDATE

    Quit being so tough on him. Most of u don't even post things so give him some credit
  6. MixedMadness

    Young Gravy 2018 (Custom)

    Its time to stop
  7. MixedMadness

    Son Uva Digger WRA world finals

    Love it! Hopefully I qualify
  8. MixedMadness

    Son-uva Digger #1 v2

    How do you fix the white tires
  9. MixedMadness

    Naples 2014.4

    Please make Phoenix 2012 And Phoenix 2013 For .4
  10. MixedMadness

    Monster Jam 25th Anniversary Truck Pack

    This truck is amazing! Thank you!!
  11. MixedMadness

    Straight Outta Arizona

    Pretty Cool!
  12. MixedMadness

    Straight Outta Arizona

    As a fellow arizonan I would like to say this is cringe. Sorry dont hate me but for real LMAO
  13. MixedMadness

    Soldier Fortune (Doom's Day)

    Love the decals, the doomsday logo ruined it.
  14. MixedMadness

    East Rutherford 2013

    Yep there on sim monsters
  15. MixedMadness

    East Rutherford 2013

    U should make a phoenix pack for .4, with Phoenix 2012 and Phoenix 2013.