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  1. Why would you release a track when it isn't .4 compatible
  2. I was just about to request this lol
  3. WRA West Leb! First Official FS win!
  4. Please convert South Haven 2013 or the old Monster X Tour tracks!
  5. Please convert some more monster x tour stops! old southhaven tracks!
  6. *Minimum Destruction*
  7. We need a Guy Fieri truck lol. Guy Fieri in GRILLER!
  8. Love your breakables! Megalodon next?
  9. Body: 2006 Chevy Silverado HD Fast Back Driver: Wally Turner Name: Sniper Chassis: Maverick Monster Tracker Chassis Pics:
  10. Name: Sniper Body: Maverick Monster Tracker Chassis: Maverick Monster Tracker Paint:
  11. CRRT is my league go check it out on my YT CreatorOfChaosXV
  12. can someone send the link to the tough truck
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