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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    Is it possible you can make a monster jam style track in using the olympic stadium from Montreal with a chicago style track?
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    Yea Montreal! Thats where I am from awesome track!
  3. Gas Monkey Garage 2016

    That happened to me with King Krunch also. I'll wait till this is fixed. But looks awesome though!
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    omg she's beautiful!
  5. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    That looks real flashy man! Like it a lot!!!
  6. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    Looks awesome with the crush able cars!
  7. WF 17 Racing & FS

    Yes finally a track from 2016! And even better its Las Vegas!
  8. Back For Some Action!

    Hey guys I am back and ready to tear it up in the arenas and stadiums in Rigs Of Rods. My name is Dylan Pereira and when I was competing in leagues my nickname was Mr. Backflip if you remember. I`ve competed in leagues like Monsters Of ROR and Big Dawgs. Planning on making a return in a league or two.
  9. Montreal, QC Monster Jam Style

    lol they're the best!
  10. Montreal, QC Monster Jam Style

    It would be possible if someone can make me a custom Monster Jam Maple Leaf Tour style track similar to the one in Toronto, ON from this year but instead at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, QC?