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  1. Is it possible you can make a monster jam style track in using the olympic stadium from Montreal with a chicago style track?
  2. Yea Montreal! Thats where I am from awesome track!
  3. That happened to me with King Krunch also. I'll wait till this is fixed. But looks awesome though!
  4. That looks real flashy man! Like it a lot!!!
  5. Looks awesome with the crush able cars!
  6. Yes finally a track from 2016! And even better its Las Vegas!
  7. Hey guys I am back and ready to tear it up in the arenas and stadiums in Rigs Of Rods. My name is Dylan Pereira and when I was competing in leagues my nickname was Mr. Backflip if you remember. I`ve competed in leagues like Monsters Of ROR and Big Dawgs. Planning on making a return in a league or two.
  8. It would be possible if someone can make me a custom Monster Jam Maple Leaf Tour style track similar to the one in Toronto, ON from this year but instead at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, QC?
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