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  1. Robbins family have a second truck again New Saigon Shaker is finished Nothing But Trouble has a new scheme/name
  2. Anyone who saw Buddy's launch at Tampa last night might have been wondering why he coasted to a stop with the truck running and ended his run. Not good Harper has a new body for one of his trucks
  3. new Xtermigator body Wildside sporting a more standard pickup body and chassis has debuted
  4. forget engine placement, lets focus on tube framed death traps
  5. Outlawed


    I would like there to be. If there is a season, it will be short (4-5 events) and probably after MJ World Finals. Gives me a couple of months to take a defib pack to what I was working on.
  6. Figured it was time to remember how to make things again oh and this was needing a desperate update:
  7. bunch of rebodied trucks over in europe for the hotwheels tour Old Holman's Beast Samson Dragon Slayer Wicked
  8. throw back scheme for black stallion at the HOF
  9. Ryan is already retiring his second chassis, brand new CRD for him now
  10. Joey Sylvester's truck is looking purdy
  11. Might have something to do with being a couple weeks late for first Q and then chasing the engine issues that came back as a malfunctioning RII box. Remind me though, I still need to make the chassis.
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