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  1. @Taurus Racer 13 Try doing it again now, there should be a "submit URL" option in the window.
  2. That is odd, I tweaked somethings on the backend, see if it helps if not I have another idea to get around it in the meantime until I can submit a support ticket @Taurus Racer 13 let me know
  3. There is a name I have not seen in a good while, welcome back sir!
  4. Thanks for quoting a comment from September when all that was available was screen grabs of the 3D render from the FELD upcoming season livestream and shop display 👍 Seems fitting coming from a member who's go to retort is "use your brain"...
  5. Funny how this is still relevant later...
  6. Outlawed


    Been awhile since I have had to open up the admin panel, lets see how long these outbursts last
  7. some tasty treats from todays events
  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I find it entirely unfair to base judgement on somebody you "watch" on a regular basis but only get to meet in person for a brief moment for a picture and autograph. Sure some personalities will not jive with everyone but FFS some of you act like they murdered your family pet in front of everyone at the pit party 🙄
  9. @c0nman or people can just choose to ignore the post, that is why it is a "request"
  10. good junk cars are hard to come by, these unibody POS last maybe a hit or two before becoming a pancake, then you have to pay to get them brought in, prepped and removed. Not to mention BKT's still seem to want to deflate at any chance they get. Dirt is ultimately more consistent for the drivers which in theory means a better quality show. Stomper with a new wrap Straight Up Racing rebodied Beast Mode to reflect their partnership with Honda
  11. cali kid repping a bit of a logo update
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