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  1. throw back scheme for black stallion at the HOF
  2. Ryan is already retiring his second chassis, brand new CRD for him now
  3. Joey Sylvester's truck is looking purdy
  4. Might have something to do with being a couple weeks late for first Q and then chasing the engine issues that came back as a malfunctioning RII box. Remind me though, I still need to make the chassis.
  5. lets talk about the real truck we have been waiting for
  6. @fernBurn Swanson? Why do they brace the shock mounts with a short link and hemi's?
  7. Rockstar's new body is complete minus decals
  8. USA#1 throw back body and sadly it appears wild thang has reappeared sporting a new body/identity
  9. @NitroMenace looks like they went through alot of trouble to update a old PEI chassis
  10. Split Personality race truck has surfaced out of the Metal Shop, will it high side as bad as Saigon? Time will tell... Also a new truck driven by Alex White, no info on the truck other then it debuting at Miami, Ok
  11. you even got that stupid rear end squat in there 👍
  12. TWS is a side act with only a portion of the field participating in it (no different then the high jump, atv or speedster "championship") Don't sully Tom's other legit championships with this one. Also Rockstar's body taking shape
  13. Making the most of what you can is irrelevant when you promote something as being one thing and it turns out being something completely different. FELD made no effort to mention the changes (forced or by choice) and appeared to be content with just presenting it with the hope it would be passable (or atleast what is current made public about the situation). also avenger scheme
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