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  1. https://www.rigsofrods.org/download
  2. As it says in big red text, you need the latest version of ROR.
  3. 524 downloads

    I made this track. These people helped: @maxdman - Various textures and models @Chris B - Pirate ship model and textures @RockCrwlr - Original stadium props and textures @DannyMackey - Grip settings, file organizing, and car models (Testmobile) @AaronLurie - Stadium model, track model and textures As well as these individuals for testing and moral support: @Jack Merkle @Double.D ッ Also, thank you to the various people who sent me updated Monster Jam graphics. Thank you and enjoy! You need to be running the latest version of ROR for this track to work
  4. can u help me with world finals 4 theres cars in where the double backflip ramp is


  5. That's just the mesh for the race checkpoints. They arent necessary and the track is actually better and cleaner without them.
  6. Aaron Lurie El Toro Loco 2015 Black Aaron Lurie#4836
  7. If you want a night skybox, you can put these 4 files into the zip and replace the old ones. http://puu.sh/EThxQ/a65bc1022a.zip You won't be able to use shadows though.
  8. Hey Aaron I wanted to talk you that the wf 20 track is all completely black

    can u please help me fix it

  9. 1,432 downloads

    This is definitely a track. Surely one of them. I spent too long on this. This track is only guaranteed to work on Rigs of Rods 0.4.8 These are the people that have their content on this track: Aaron Lurie Danny Mackey Klayton Halog MaxDMan Other people who provided various goods and services: Jon Zimmer Blair Lockhart Devin Doss Jack Merkle Andrew Sheets 4x4Convoy Julio Vellon Jr Joshua "m1cks" Micks Mason Runkel A few things to note: Shadows This track has working shadows on the meshes, which you can take advantage of by enabling "PSSM" in your settings in version 0.4.8. Races There are working timed races on the racing version that work in ROR 0.4.8. If you cross the start line before the race, simply reset your truck to cancel the current race. Yeah, that should be everything. I appreciate everyone that has helped get this project to the level that it's at. Have fun!
  10. I'd kill myself too if my last name was... COMBS! Coming very soon.
  11. Yeah, go for it.
  12. I get where you're coming from, as it definitely looks like a ton of people, but I've been trying to model the stadium as accurately as possible. The stadium has the sections accurately laid out with the exact number of rows in each section. The number of seats in each row are decently accurate but not perfect though. When it's done, it will represent a crowd of around 50,000 people. Compared to standard stadium models we've been using, it does look like an unnatural amount of people. I also appreciate the offer. This project is a lot of work and I'll definitely let you know when I need some extra help.
  13. I scaled it down slightly and it looks a little better. Each row is 4 feet tall.
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