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  1. Action is coming This is an ambitious project. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Something that I would do was lower the opacity of the paint layer on top of the dirt layer until the paint had enough of a dirt effect (around 60-70%). Then I would merge the paint and dirt together and overlay that onto the bake. You can also use a more grainy bake for a better dirt effect. Of course, you would want to save a version before merging the paint and the dirt so you can do the wear marks on the paint layer and then merge it to the dirt.
  3. Aaron Lurie Nitro Circus Discord: Aaron Lurie#4836
  4. 1,509 downloads

    Could be better. Could be worse. This does not and will never work in 0.37. Just stop using it already. This track was made possible by: Klayton Danny Maxdman Tharindu Aaron (Me 😀) Many various Sim-Monsters content creators. Let me know if something doesn't work. I expect that a lot of it just doesn't work like usual.
  5. Ok, This is Epic. Devin painted it.
  6. I remembered how to do it. Thank you Aaron, very cool!
  7. You can't receive msgs man. Need to do something about that so I can help you.

    1. AaronLurie


      Sorry, I just saw this. I was trying to message you, but I had the same problem. I tried deleting some messages, so maybe it will work now. 

  8. I've been really struggling to make the track texture look good. I made some changes but it still isn't where I want it. I tried different blend modes and opacity, but it still doesn't really look like dirt. If you could help me out with some suggestions, that would be great! As for the crowd, I'm definitely interested in looking at those textures and seeing what I can do. Those issues have been fixed.
  9. 'Dance Dance Revolution.' That's a lot of fun when you're having a dinner party and you just want to be a little silly. Still have a lot of work to do.
  10. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.
  11. An alternate version for the flooding would be cool I think crush boats would add to the aesthetic The track would need to be either wet sand or very wet dirt.
  12. Name: Krusty Krab Stadium with a custom monster truck course Venue: Krusty Krab Stadium Racing Style: J-Hook Replica or Custom: Custom Date Ran: November 11th, 2015 Images/Graphics: The stadium can hold a regulation size football field, so it's about that big inside. You can do whatever you want for the track layout.
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