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1 hour ago, RockCrwlr said:

Really digging this song. Sounds like a mix of From Ashes To New and Linkin Park

Dude Sylar is awesome. If you like heavier stuff then I'd really recommend more of their music. I actually found out that their current touring drummer is from my local scene, so that's kinda cool.






On a side note, I've really been getting into Wage War and Make Them Suffer Lately.



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Probably the best Nine Inch Nails EP ever. 9 tracks full of pure emotion and sadness and anger. 100% acoustic. 4 songs stripped down from their original versions and reinterpreted using quieter instruments, and 5 original compositions.

And All That Could Have Been has to be my favorite song.

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1 minute ago, Skyliner849 said:

WTF is that video lel

The song and video are based upon the movie "Johnny Got His Gun (1971)" which is about a man who fought in World War I, and was hit by an artillery missile. The missile did not kill him, but on the contrary took his arms, legs, and face (his face was nothing more than a head with a giant hole missing eyes, a nose, and a mouth, all he had was a tongue). The quadruple amputee continued to live under extreme medical treatment. The lyrics of the song actually describe the movie very well. Pretty scary but the things the patient says are some of the emotional words I've heard in a movie in a really long time.

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