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A place to post models, meshes or any other files that pertain to the building of trucks or tracks!

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  1. Since I see a lot of older tracks coming up, and this link is buried in the site, might as well make it more accessible for everyone. As of 2013 I believe, this Google Drive was dedicated to keeping an handle on everything that was released. Now, it's not EVERYTHING, but it is a vast majority of truck packs and tracks that were released. Sim-Monsters truck packs V2 and V3 are here, all of the old RORMJ packs are here as well. To go along with that, are most of the tracks separated by where they were used. Keep in mind that because it's a bunch of files that was made back in the day, 0.4 and 0.38 users may have some problems, everything should work on 0.37. As a note, please do NOT have 2 truck packs in at the same time. For example, do not have an RORMJ pack and the V4 Pack in your vehicles folder at the same time, as it will cause problems. Additionally, anyone wanting the Fat Alphie for either 0.37 or 0.38 can get it here as well. If there's any questions about it, please feel free to message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. There's some other goodies within the Drive that I'm probably missing, but hopefully it will allow many of you guys to see how much the content has evolved and where we are now. Not much else to say, but don't get lost in the drive, and ENJOY!
    Links directly to the truck packs <-Click me
    How to download 
    Method 1-Open up the file of your choice. It will open up a new tab or window. Then, hit the File option near the top, and then click download. If you guys are downloading multiple items at once, it will automatically pack all the files you want into a zip file, just be sure to extract all of your items once finished downloading. 
    Method 2-Click your file of choice, it will open up. Down in the bottom right corner, is an arrow pointing down to a line, hover over that and it will say download. Click that to download!
    Method 3-Right click your file of choice and click download. 

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