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Bigfoot 4 1990-Present LF4 1.1.0

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About This File

Bob & Marilyn Chandler's BIGFOOT #4, built in the summer of 1984, debuted at the New Orleans Superdome in 1985.  It was the first monster truck to use planetary axles and the first to perform a wheel-standing sled pull. Late in the summer of 1990, John Piant took #4 for one of the most spectacular rides of either his or the truck’s career in Nashville during the famed “BIGFOOT Bash”. Running hard to keep up with the more advanced trucks in the field, it ended up landing on top of the concrete dividing wall between the lanes of competition, virtually destroying the entire suspension and drive-train of the truck in what is arguably one of the most destructive non-rollover incidents in the history of the sport. Although BIGFOOT #4 was in a near constant state of evolution, in some ways the wreck ensured the prolonged service life of #4. The crew at BIGFOOT immediately set upon repairing the legend, specifically the frame and cross members.  New wheels, an entirely new suspension, and at least one completely new axle had to be fabricated for the wounded warrior.  Rather than adhering to convention, the team eschewed the traditional leaf spring suspension logic and set about creating a “hybrid” suspension that would incorporate more of the nitrogen shock technology. (Learn more about the Legendary Bigfoot 4 here) - View Graphic Timeline

This Hybrid Bigfoot 4 is where this Replica Pack begins.

The Trucks

Includes all known 1990 to Present Bigfoot 4 variations...


1990 - Racer

1990 - Bodyless

1992 - Racer w/ Aeronose Body

1994 - Racer w/ Aeronose Body. Bugcatcher Installed on BF4.

1995 - Lightning Bolt w/ Aeronose Body

1997 - Lightning Bolt w/ 1998 F-150 Body

1998 - Lightning Bolt w/ 1998 F-150 Body (slight body mods)

2003 - Restoration, back to 1990 style

1989 - (Custom) Classic Bigfoot paint, unfortunately never run w/ this hybrid chassis.

Snake Bite

1991 - Red

1991 - Red w/ Red Rims

1991 - Red w/ White Rims

1992 - Red w/ Hotwheels Livery

1994 - Red w/ Bugcatcher

1998 - Green

1991 - (Custom) Hotwheels Transition paint. Never used, was Toy only.


1998 - Long Jump

1999 - Firestone Wilderness

2000 - Firestone Red/Blue

2002 - Firestone Destination

2005 - 30th Anniversary


2006 - Massive Machine (Bigfoot 4 Sold)

1996 - Hollywood Hogan


  • Equipped with rear steer.
  • Press "W" to change Differential options.
  • A hitch node is included in the node-beam, so that it can be used with the pulling sled. The hitch node is located on the the back of the frame (node 56). To use with a pulling sled, use the mouse to drag the chain on the pulling sled to the hitch node (press "K" to show the nodes if needed), then press "L" to lock the chain to the hitch. When finished, press "L" again to unlock the hitch.

Beta Testers

Huge thanks to the Beta testers in the Retro Monsters Discord!

Build Credits

Let me know if I missed anyone in the credits and I can add them in.


This truck was designed as a stand-alone addition to the LF4 Leafer Pack.

If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update.

If you like the truck or have issues, please leave a review or a comment below!

Thanks and enjoy!


What's New in Version 1.1.0


-Moved Camera Node
-Softened suspension

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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!! i also love the snake bite body it's not like the first snake bite mod you did, that was a 1998 ford f-series body, but now it's a 1988 model that makes it look much more accurate

Response from the author:

Thanks for the kind words! I've definitely learned a lot and got a lot more help since the original SB mod, very little of that mod actually made it into this Snake Bite.

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Wow man this just came out of nowhere. Great job man keep up the good work

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