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  1. Hey Maxdman I need your permission for something I am a map maker in BeamNG. drive and I was wondering if I can convert your Metlife stadium 2017 without the track I think someone else did this with your Foxborough 2017 stadium and where can i get just the stadium?

    Great map! I think the green paint could have been slightly darker but none the less great job! I'm so excited to have a 2019 map this early in the year. Last year we got a 2018 map too late, I hope you make more in the future.
  2. Can you make more 2018 maps like syracuse 2018 metlife 2018, glendale 2018, and a few arenas with the paint colors

  3. Can you make a maxd pack with the triple threat series maxd with regular rear engine chassis and tom meents has a new chassis called maxd 8 it is different, shorter wheel base, and different suspension? Please i would love it

  4. Can I put the paint on the bodies for beamng drive
  5. KrayZ

    Bad Company 2018

    Can I put this skin on the CRD monster truck in beamng?
  6. How do i change the ukraine tires to bkt tires
  7. KrayZ

    The Red 2.0 NAMT

    Can someone tell me how I could switch ukraine tires with BKT tires?
  8. its working just fine for me im on 4.7 also can you make the back flip ramp bigger its slightly to small look at the east ruthorford and foxborough map
  9. KrayZ

    Albuquerque 2017

    how do i get maxd
  10. KrayZ

    Albuquerque 2017

    is the maxd, scooby doo on sim monsters and if not where are they
    can you convert Arnhem 2013 and all the Atlanta, and anehiem 2013
  11. im donald trump and i approve this message
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