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  1. Name: Keaton Barney Truck: Hoonzilla Link: TBA Discord: Keato#1010
  2. DJKBarn

    Flare 2020

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the first Outlaw Motorsports truck to Officially make it onto Sim-Monsters! While it's just a clone as many of the rest will be, I've been able to learn a lot about the files. Hopefully by next year I'm not relying on other members trucks to make my own. Big thanks to @PaukenDigger for allowing it, and of course all the credit goes to him as well! Original: If I need more credits or you'd like to be credited then shoot my a dm on here or discord.
  3. Keaton Barney Reserve Grantsville, UT Keato#1010 2 years
  4. Keaton Barney N/A Grantsville, UT Keato#1010 2 years
  5. Keaton Barney Keato#1010 Overkill Evolution
  6. Are your times EST?
  7. Name: Keaton Barney Truck: Dragon 2018 Link: Discord: Keato#1010
  8. Name: Keaton Barney Truck: Dragon 2018 Link: Discord: Keato#1010
  9. Keaton Barney Overkill Evolution http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3095-overkill-evolution-black-stallion-pack/ Keato#1010
  10. This truck is smokin! Possibly the driver too.
  11. I understand this side completely, I haven't experienced first hand the amount of stress and work they put in during the week, but I've chatted about it with crews. While I understand emotions can get the best of people, this is also part of the job and I would expect everyone to do their job and do it well. Like every other job involving customer communication, it's expected that the customer is respected and treated well, right? Why should FELD allow their employee to disrespect paying fans.
  12. While I agree, this is a very child focused environment that tries to really encourage driver to fan interaction, straight up turning down fans shouldn't be a thing
    Critics are calling it "Best Track of 2019".
  13. DJKBarn


    Green donut? Maybe for st. patricks day.
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