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Show Your Projects Chapter 60


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so i was just looking through the 2017 chassis pack looking for ideas on what trucks should get a revamp and though hmm wild flower has'nt gotten any love recently so i thought id give it a shotwild_flower.jpg

now i know the sides of the hood is inside the chassis  bars right now but its only like that so i can get an idea of where it needs to sit in the end product it will be fixed so yea and i know the body is barly started but hey its just in the first stage of being revamped so itll be a while


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20 hours ago, nks1996 said:

anybody seen a snake missing it's   VENOM?

still working on getting the whole thing to look right so far but im enjoying it.


Nothing against you but that looks nothing like a silverado, it's way too boxy. Please, before you even try to model a body be sure you have good reference pictures.



Also like I said before, use the subsurf modifier.


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