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Fun Run @ San Antonio 2021

Brandon Adam

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Hello everyone! I’ve always driven around Sim-Monsters in leagues and events and such, but never really hosted any sort of event. Well, on August 27th, 6:00pm est, I’ll be trying out hosting for the first time by running a Monster Jam(ish) fun-run! The version of Rigs of Rods I’ll be hosting this on will be version 2021.4, so make sure you have it downloaded if you want to compete. This fun run will be on San Antonio 2021 with three competitions being held: Qualifying, Racing and Freestyle. The type of trucks that’ll be run for this fun-run are V4s. Customs, repli-customs and replicas are all allowed as long as the truck is publicly available on Sim-Monsters.com! MAKE SURE THAT ANTI-CHEAT IS OFF FOR THIS EVENT! If you’re interested in competing, read below to see all the info you need to know. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me over Discord (tag: Brandon Adam#7021)


TRACK LINK: San Antonio 2021

SPREADSHEET: San Antonio 2021 Fun Run - Google Sheets



August 27th | Friday | 8:00pm EST

Qualifying: 8:00pm-9:00pm

Racing: 9:15pm
Freestyle: 10 minutes after Racing is done




  1. Qualifying will set our Racing bracket, determine event competitors and determine lane choice in Round 1

  2. Let me know when you’re ready to qualify by posting in #fun-run-qualifying-requests (first come, first serve)

  3. I will DM you the Rigs of Rods server info

  4. Each driver will run ONE Qualifying pass in the lane of their choice

  5. Once staged, I’ll ask for you to ready up; once you respond, I’ll tell you to go whenever

  6. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR TIMES SHOW UP IN HERE: Races | Rigs of Rods Community

    1. If your time doesn’t show up under the race forum, I’ll tell you to send me a screenshot of your time (only leave the rigs server when I say you’re good to go)

  7. Top 16 fastest drivers will compete in the event


  1. Racing will be done through the classic head-to-head, single elimination bracket

  2. Lane choice from Round 2 to the Finals will be determined based on who got the faster time in the previous round

  3. Drivers will be called into the game via #fun-run-qualifying-requests

  4. Drivers will be put on the two minute clock to join the server

  5. Drivers can request for their race to be dropped to the end of the round

  6. Here’s how the points layout will work based on elimination:

    1. Racing Winner: +16 Points

    2. Eliminated in Finals: +15 Points

    3. Faster Loser of Semi-Finals: +14 Points

    4. Slower Loser of Semi-Finals: +13 Points

    5. Fastest Loser of Round 2: +12 Points

    6. 2nd Fastest Loser of Round 2: +11 Points...you get the deal


  1. Each driver will be called into the game to perform their Freestyle via #fun-run-qualifying-requests

  2. The order will be determined based on Racing elimination

  3. Drivers can request to go early if they’d like

  4. Each driver will have 120 seconds to perform their freestyle run

  5. Time starts on the driver’s first hit

  6. Drivers will be RII’d based on the following:

    1. Hard cage-hits

    2. Hard nose-dives (if they result in end-over-end rollovers)

    3. Wall/barrier hits (grazing the wall/barrier softly won’t result in an RII)

    4. If they fail to save their truck within 3 seconds

    5. If all 4 tires go outside the “out-of-bounds” section of the track (usually the concrete)

  7. If a driver continues to drive after the RII’s been called, their run will automatically be called done

  8. Moves are only limited to what’s been executed IN COMPETITION in real life (if it hasn’t happened, don’t do it)

    1. Executing an ‘unrealistic’ maneuver will hurt your score

  9. Each driver is limited to 2 backflips (miniflips included)

  10. In the case of a tie, the drivers would walk away from the competition with the same amount of points

    1. Drivers below the tied competitors’ positions would receive the amount of points they would’ve received had those drivers not have tied

  11. Here’s how the points layout will work:

    1. 1st Place: 16 Points

    2. 2nd Place: 15 Points

    3. 3rd Place: 14 Points...and so on


Drivers must follow the designated course at all times

You will be given a 3-Second Penalty if you get only 1 front-tire over a ramp and/or hacksteer (counter-steer using rear-steer) around a corner

You will be automatically disqualified if you...

  1. Accelerate off the line before the “GO” is called

  2. Enter a turn at 90 degrees

  3. Completely miss a ramp

  4. Cut through the designated course


If your truck is completely perpendicular to the straightaways before where these lines are drawn, you will be disqualified.




Freestyle runs will be evaluated based on the 3 criterions below (each scored from 1-10):

  1. Air) The driver's ability to achieve great height, distance and verticality off of hits throughout their performance

  2. Technicality) The driver's ability to use the track in unique ways and execute original crossthreads, "Two-Wheel Skill" maneuvers, stunts and combinations

  3. Momentum) The driver's ability to keep up as much speed as possible around the track throughout their performance

In addition to the judged criterions, for every 6 seconds that the driver's performance lasts for, an extra half-point (0.5) would be added to their score. Thus, filling the allotted 120 seconds on the clock will result in 10 bonus points being added to the driver's score.

Total score will be out of 40 points.



~Sign-Up Format~



Truck Name:

Truck Link:



Hope to see you all on the track!

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