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(11/7/21) FBS: All Night Long (STS Los Angeles)

Brad Kerlin

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Next Sunday night we will see FBS: All Night Long! This event is taking the Six To Survive match concept and making it nearly three times as big with 15 competitors. And we will see who goes the distance, who capitalizes on the opportunity, and who is the last one standing. And the stakes are as high as ever here, as the winner of this will go onto FBS: Day 365 to challenge Armando Barbosa for the Grand Championship. So every competitor will no doubt drive until they've got absolutely nothing left. For this event we are heading to STS Los Angeles! This track has a lot of open space for these drivers to let loose, but with a double bus, a huge van stack, two of possibly the longest and biggest jammers ever, and much more, these drivers will have every opportunity to go big. This will determine who can last the longest, and who can capitalize on a opportunity the best. But with a opportunity this big, there is every opportunity to just fall short, but every opportunity to stand tall. See you on the track! 


Match Order: (Times are in EST) 

7:00 PM - TBD & TBD v. TBD & TBD (#1 Contenders for Tag Titles) 
7:20 PM - TBD v. TBD
7:30 PM - TBD v. TBD
7:40 PM - TBD v. TBD
7:50 PM - TBD v. TBD
8:00 PM - TBD v. TBD
8:10 PM - TBD v. TBD
8:20 PM - TBD v. TBD
8:30 PM - TBD v. TBD
8:40 PM - TBD v. TBD
8:50 PM - TBD v. TBD
9:00 PM - TBD v. TBD
9:10 PM - TBD v. TBD
9:20 PM - TBD v. TBD
9:30 PM - TBD v. TBD 


Sign-Up Format: 


In order to compete in this event it is required that your truck is uploaded to Sim-Monsters. Sign-Ups cap at 15 drivers. For the tag team match we will be taking any two people who would like to team together. First two teams to form will be in the tag team match. DM me on discord at BradKerlin#3029 once your team is formed. 


Track Link: 



Sign-Ups Close & Order Drawing: November 4th, 2021 10:30 PM EST 

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17jJIMuvqxChCfBY_pwS2zKhizALTiHKJpHM_hnFGGVU/edit?usp=sharing

This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you for the event!

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