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King Of The Hill: Christmas Chaos 2021


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"Dashing through the dirt, on massive metal machines. Over the hills they go, givin' it the beans. Supercharged V8's, with their exhausts burning bright. What fun it is to send these things, into orbit Christmas night!"


It's Christmas time once again, and after the events going on in the world lately people are cherishing the moments they have with family and friends more than usual. People are starting to ensure they have a much better balance between their work and personal lives, as every moment spent with those you care about is precious. The same rings true for everyone who works at Santa's Workshop up in the North Pole, all of his helpers diligently working to make gifts for those who make the nice list; and bag up the coal for those who don't. But all work and no play makes for dull elves, and Santa makes sure everyone takes plenty of time to rest and enjoy themselves. This is especially true after the Christmas season is over, as he regularly throws a party to thank everyone who helped him deliver happiness across the globe.

One of the personal faves of all his workers has been the times that monster trucks were brought up to entertain them as the cap to said party. The first time was all the way back in 2012 and then went even bigger 3 years later, but it's now been 6 years since these mammoth technological marvels have touched the icy tundra where Santa, his family, and staff call home. That is about to change though, as once again the monsters will make their way to back Christmas Village to fly like the Santa's reindeer; but this time it's courtesy of King Of The Hill! Santa contacted us asking if we would be willing to put on a show for everyone in Christmas Village, as it's been far too long since the monsters have paid a visit to his winter wonderland; and we couldn't say yes fast enough.

Things are slightly different this go around as the trucks won't be running in the middle of the village like they used to, as North Pole staff had to build extra facilities to deal with the increased demand over the last couple of years. Instead, we're using a special climate controlled sports park that was constructed for everyone who works in the village to be able to partake in various sports without dealing with the harsh elements. The entire space has been converted to allow the monsters plenty of room to do what they do best, and knowing how KOTH events usually turn out it is sure to be a sight to behold!

Here are the specifics for the event:
Signups open Saturday, December 18th, 2021 at 8:00pm eastern.

Event will take place on Sunday, December 26th, 2021 at 8:00pm eastern; driver's meeting will start at 7:45pm eastern.

Per the usual, this will be a 1 night points championship.

Sign ups are first come, first served and once all spots are filled any remaining signups will be put into the fill in pool.

There will be 20 spots total for this event, 18 are up for grabs through signups; the other 2 were given to people who helped make this event happen.

Trucks will be assigned at the conclusion of the driver's meeting unless otherwise stated.

All drivers must be in Special Events voice chat for the driver's meeting at the specified time.

Anyone who doesn't join that didn't let officials know prior that they would be late will be replaced, no exceptions.

Event will consist of qualifying, head to head racing (for the top 10 in qualifying), time trials (for the bottom 10), and freestyle.

All races for the head to head bracket will be timed for lane choice.

1 tiring a ramp will result in a 5 second penalty, missing a ramp entirely will result in a DQ; running the obstacle course incorrectly will result in a DQ

Jumping the start (red lighting) will also result in a DQ.

Freestyle runs will be 2 minutes long and are to be 2021 realistic, anything deemed otherwise will result in deductions from your score.

Any other specific rules will be mentioned during the driver's meeting.

(BTW, those 2 spots that are already taken belong to @ThompsonSS and @RORmadness. Without the help they provided, this event would not be happening as it currently is.)

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All of the trucks have arrived safely at the North Pole, which is no easy feat to pull off. But as we found out, Santa's logistics team is second to none. The finishing touches are being made to the track as we speak, as well as other preparations for all the festivities going on the week of Christmas. 


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