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RORMJL World Finals 6 Mega Trucks


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For the first time ever RORMJL is proud to announce World Finals Mega Truck Racing! During the pit party of both days you will be able to compete in your very own custom Mega Truck or Replica Mega Truck. 

Day 1 of Mega Truck racing will include the side by side Mud Bogging Bracket! 2 Mega Trucks will line up side by side on a straight line course through the mud. The winner of each race will move on to the finals where we will crown the Mud Bogging Champion! This event will happen Sunday June 19th at 3:00EST. (Check-ins will be at 2:30) 

Day 2 of Mega Truck Racing will include a Time Trials type track where each driver will have to navigate their trucks through a timed course including mud, berms, jumps, and corners! Fastest time around the track will be crowned the Time Trials Champion! This event will happen Monday June 20th at 4:00EST. (Check-ins will be at 3:30) 

Below are the trucks you are allowed to use to make your trucks with 

All Trucks must be ran with some sort of body and design (I don't care if its really simple)

Each event will max out at 8 people. Signups will be first come first serve. Signups will open Saturday June 4th at 4:00EST
Signup format 

Truck Name: 
Truck Link: 

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