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Race #4 - 7/29/11 - Nashville, TN

Casey Graves

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Ok i have been out of town and away from the computer most of the week and havnt had time to post this, First off make sure you download the new track when its posted so we dont repeat what happened last week with a few people. Here are the locked in trucks: Sudden Impact, Wreckless Intent, The Punisher, Road Rebel, Keystone Krusher, Rockstar Energizer, The Godfather, Controlled Chaos, Retrofoot, Colt Cobra, Bad News, Gargoyle

Schedule of Events(All times EST)

4:00 PM - Qualifying Opens

8:30 PM - Qualifying Closes

8:45 PM - AIM Chat Starts

9:00 PM - Drivers Meeting

9:15 PM - Racing Begins

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Racing, I was just lucky. Raced my very good friend in round 1, I knew he wanted to win. He almost had me too, but he swerved in the final turn. Lost to Eric in round 2. I got fast loser and raced him again. Lost. Then I went to go grab something to eat, I came back, and Mark was screaming over skype saying, "TOM GET IN THERE YOU ARE FAST LOSER". I replied "That already happened, I lost to Eric." He said "No No. You are racing him AGAIN. Your Fast loser AGAIN." Guess what? I lost. So I got 20 points in racing for losing 3 times. YAY.. I had a solid freestyle score of a 21. I had a good time last night.

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Well I won in the 1st and 2nd round, but in the 3rd... <_< I was DQ'ed for red lighting. I think I saw Tim Smith say rdy gl and I zoned out for a second and when I looked up I saw gl and thought it was go which caused me to red light. In freestyle I scored a 21, but had an awesome freestyle cross thread that caused me to end up balanced nose down right next to the launch ramp from racing.

Congrats to Tim Smith for the racing win and to RKM for the freestyle win.

Can't wait for Sunday now. :)

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