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King Of The Hill 2023: More Bounce 2 The Ounce 3: Pontiac


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We're back for round 3, and this time we go back to where it all began and renew the rivalry between the 2 most legendary names in the business.


Well, it would seem that the leafers have started to catch on with the community. So with that being the case, why not keep things rolling right along?

This time around, I figured it was time to go to the most historic facility in the history of monster trucks. While it maybe be gone now, the Pontiac Silverdome will always be looked at as hallowed ground for these monstrous mechanical marvels. From the moment that Bigfoot II drove on top of those cars back in February of 1982, to all of the incredible events that took place there over the years, to being the last thing to happen in the building when it initially closed, to being the first thing back inside the building when it reopened for it's brief revival, the history of monster trucks and the Silverdome will be forever intertwined. So I feel it's only fitting we bring King Of The Hill here with one of the more iconic courses in the history of the Silverdome, with a 10 truck field of the best period correct trucks.

At the center of this is renewing the long standing feud between the 2 most iconic trucks in the history of the sport: the truck that started it all, the king of the monsters Bigfoot and one of the trucks to first dent it's seemingly indestructible armor, the black and green wrecking machine known as the Grave Digger. But along with that, since we're just outside of Detroit, this will also be a battle of the 2 biggest home grown auto makers in USA; the blue oval goes head to head with the bow tie, it's Ford vs Chevy.

Setup for the show is nearly the same as the first 2, so let me go over the details below.

Event Details:
Event Date - Sunday, December 31st, 2023
Driver's Meeting - 8:00pm eastern
Start Time - 8:30 pm eastern

Sign-Ups open on Saturday, December 30th, 2023 at 8pm and are first come, first served.
There will be 10 spots up for grabs, once all 10 are claimed any sign ups posted afterwards will go into the fill in pool.
Your sign up will only guarantee you a spot in the show, as trucks will be assigned at random.
Also, if you take a spot knowing full well you won't be able to compete (aka gatekeeping), you will be suspended from participation in KOTH events indefinitely.

You must be present in the KOTH voice chat at the start of the drivers meeting, failure to do so will result in you being replaced with an alternate.
If you're gonna be late, let us know in advance and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

This will be a 1 night points championship consisting of 3 competitions: Single Truck Time Trials, Side By Side Drag Racing, and Head To Head U-Turn Course Racing.
The finishing order of the time trials will set the the bracket for the side by side drags, but the bracket for the u-turn course racing comp will be set with a qualifying session at the start of the night.
Competitors will score points in each event based off of where they finish, and the driver with the highest combined total points will be crowned King Of The Hill at the end of the night.

Other specific rules will be gone over during the driver's meeting.

You are not allowed to make any changes to the trucks or track provided without approval from a KOTH official, if you're caught doing so you will be suspended from KOTH participation indefinitely.

Sign Up Format:
Discord (must be in the SM discord server, and must be enrolled in King Of The Hill):

Link to the track:

Link to the trucks:

Full field of trucks will be posted in Discord.

10 trucks.
1 crown.
Let's ring in the new year by seeing who will be the final king of 2023!



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Name: Night Life was a series of 3 monster trucks owned by Dave Wieczorek out of Grand Island, Nebraska. All three were Chevrolet Stepside's. The trucks competed mainly with TNT Motorsports and ran some events on the Penda Points Series. One of Wieczorek's best accomplishments was beating the Bigfoot monster truck three times in a row. The first truck was a short wheel base truck, it was sold and became Rocky Mountain Thunder. The second truck was built with a lower stand and longer wheel base for racing, it later became Pain Crusher. The third truck was built similar to the second, but just a little longer. It became the first Tropical Thunder, and then it became Miami Thunder. Now it is Monster Egypt. In 2022, Night Life II was run on the Iron Warrior chassis for the TNT Motorsports: Unfinished Business event, driven by Dave Wieczorek.

Discord: branadam

Hometown: Bronx, NY

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Results for More Bounce 2 The Ounce Pontiac:


Grave Digger - Damian Bowers
Bigfoot - Jackson Meszaros
King Krunch - Brandon Adam
Gunslinger - Adam Boyne
Bear Foot - Dominic Hocutt
First Blood - Zach Steele
Tropical Thunder - Tyler May
Invader - Brad Kerlin
Clydesdale II - (Did Not Compete)
Iron Eagle - (Did Not Compete)

Side X Side Drag Racing:

U-Turn Course Racing:

Obstacle Course:
King Krunch - 28.77
Grave Digger - 31.53
First Blood - 31.64
Tropical Thunder - 31.78
Bigfoot - 31.85
Gunslinger - 32.57
Invader - 35.69
Bear Foot - 37.09

Overall Points:
King Krunch - Brandon Adam: 150
Damian Bowers - Grave Digger: 144
Tyler May - Tropical Thunder: 144
Gunslinger - Adam Boyne: 139
Bigfoot - Jackson Meszaros: 137
First Blood - Zach Steele: 137
Invader - Brad Kerlin: 136
Bear Foot - Dominic Hocutt: 129

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